Tuesday, November 22, 2005

3rd Weekend of November

It's Tuesday and still a new beginning of da week, hmm....kind of tired and restless plus with lotsa incoming works..no wonder yesterday was so blue as it was Monday! Believe it or not, I am still in da 'weekend-mood'.. after all, i had one enjoyable weekend. Lets see, what did i do on friday nite. Oh yeah, as usual, i attended Yoga Class and it has been 6 months now since i started yoga. No doubt, i truly enjoy it! It's just so relaxing, calming and stress-less. Nevertheless, by attending yoga class, i can bend as much as i want and my body's flexibility has been improved! Oh, not to forget, i find myself more healthier, tougher and stronger..goodness and amazing isn't it :D

As usual, half-day of work for me on Saturday and yeah, it's always da best when it comes to weekends! Since darling got to work last Saturday, i'd decided to bake Pandan Chiffon Cake and Chocolate Chips with Raisins Cookies. Guess what? Amazingly, it's so much better than da last time i baked it. I am overjoyed until today :D hehehehe.. By da time i finished baking and washing da utensils, it was 5pm then and i quickly work-out for 30minutes. Oh yeah, 'work-out' means some light-exercises that i usually practised back at home everyday to keep myself fit apart of practising yoga at least twice a week. Mind you, i've got no choice because i am into food and if i don't burn off da calories, i will be a little pig as time goes by.. ;) Okay, i had a warm bath after exercising and yeah, my darling reached my place! We went dinner with my parents and my little sista and this time we opt for Ho Poh Lui Cha Restaurant which is located somewhere near Taman Sri Sinar, Kepong. Lui Cha is a Hakka Speciality whereby it comes with a bowl of garlic rice, herbal mint green soup and six/seven types of diced vegetables garnished with peanuts. Da first timer will always be shocked and surprised due to da huge bowl and da green color mint sauce. Don't be afraid, it taste good. Really good! My dad loves it so much and we've been dining there at least once every two weeks.

It's still raining after dinner. Sad case. Apparently, I was thinking of going to da European Fun Fair at Bandar Utama which gonna end on Sunday. No luck, it was raining and my darling said that it's not a good idea heading to da Fun Fair. I was disappointed and since it was raining heavily, we decided to watch Da Machinist. It was so jam from my place to 1Utama that night and da jam went worst when i reached da entrance to da car park! Gosh...what's going on i wonder....my darling said, 'perhaps it's harry potter's fever right now...rushing to catch da movie?' hmmm....i doubt so.....:p After a few turning left and right, yeah, we found da parking and that's it we rushed in to da cinema as da show supposed to start at 930pm and it was already 9pm by da time we parked our car. Wow...Wow...Wow...that was my reaction when i reached GSC 1 Utama..it was hell packed with people...oh my god, da queue was damn long and since we didn't reserved da tickets as we decided to watch Da Machinist last minute, no choice but to queue for da tickets! Yikes...i hate it...that's da lesson i've learnt! Do not watch a movie without ticket reservations....i was losing my patience....and i can see that my darling getting very tension because of my impatience attitude....he knows that my mood will swing whenever i am losing my patience...:p Ahhh.....by da time i reached da counter, it was already 945pm. I didn't manage to catch da 930pm show :( again, i was so disappointed...thank god, there was another session at 1130pm and we manage to grab da 1130pm tickets. Oopps....we still have 2 hours to go before da show started! Hmmm.......da smarty darling of mine asked if i wanted to play Bowling since we've got nothing to do. I can't shop cause i believe that those shops must have closed at that hour. Yoohoo.....we went to da bowling counter, paid and played! It was fun and it has been like a year since da last time i had a bowling session. I played badly...can't even reach 100 points : that's bad isn't it? Hmm...da game ended after 10 turns and hey, there were Snooker/Pool tables around....why not we play that (pointing to da snooker/pool area)? Ekekeke....and my darling...he was pretty shocked and said, 'okay..no problem'. I believe that he had a hard time teaching me as i was pretty confusing da way i should stand and bend and it leads me to be impatience again :p Let me do it on my own, can you? Haha...yeaps that's what i told him after a few minutes teaching lesson...:p He was tension knowing that my mood once again swing. I tried to control myself and in da end, i asked him to finish up da game. Aikss, we still have 1 hour to go and another round, this time we played Fusball. Believe it or not, it was my first time and i lose da game to my darling obviously. He's really good in it. Okay, times up! Da Machinist, here we come. What's so great about this movie? Infact, it's a year 2004 movie and now towards end of year 2005 only we (da malasyains) can have our eyes on this movie directed by Brad Anderson and starring Batman Begins's Christian Bale, yes it's the Batman. Yes, Batman. *The Machinist is a 2004 production and Batman Begins is a 2005 production* Simple, dark, cheerless and obviously low budget and yet it carries lots of meanings, nice cinematography and it tells you how depress to be a blue collar worker handling lathe machines. It's a worth to watch movie if you are someone who loves psychology and having ku-ku friends :p End of da show and it's 230pm. Time to ZzzZzzzz and i bet da next day will be another busy day eventhough it's a Sunday...

It's Sunday and it's just unbelieveable that i woke up at 730am! How i wish i can sleep more and wake up later. I guess i am just too used to da fact that automatically, it's time for me to wake up! It's early and everyone is still sleeping. What can i do? Hmmm......as usual, my every sunday's schedule, take out da mat and practise yoga for at least 1 hour. Oh yes, i love da feeling after each yoga sessions, it boost up my energy and i feel so fresh! By da time i finished my yoga, it's already 10am and i buzz my darling. Oh yes, i have to wake him up everyday from Monday to Friday! He's a sleeping pig..:p He was still blur during da time i called him...after calling him, i went for a shower and time to dress up...after all, it's Sunday. He reached my place at 1130am and we head back to his house to fetch his mom out for lunch. Since my darling's mommy is craving for Japanese Food, we went Don Sushi in Carrefour Subang Jaya for our lunch and yippeee, it's yummy! After lunch, we brought her home and we then went to Midvalley. Bought some stuff and were pretty tired after a few hours of walking. I suggested my darling to have a cuppa, we then head to CoffeeBean. We ordered Blueberry Cheese Cake, Christmas Log and Ice Tea...it's yummy! It's just so irresistable! Alright, it's 6pm, time for us to head home for dinner. Darling's mommy apparently invited me to join them for dinner as she'd cook my favourite dish!!!!!! Hehehehe.....we went home and took a nap and by 8pm, we had our dinner along with my darling's parents and his brother's family. I enjoy da time playing around with da kids (my darling's nieces) and at 930pm, i went home. By da time i reached home, i was like a dead-fish...merely tired and restless. Minus those, overall, i really did enjoy my weekends to da maximum. :)

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