Thursday, November 24, 2005

California Express Bbq & Grille Station

California Express Bbq & Grille Station? Express? I wonder how can they named it as a express station as a matter of fact that darling and i waited 30minutes for our meal to be served! I was already hell hungry and yet i got to wait for so long in a express station foodstall? This's definitely ridiculous isn't it? I guess that's da price to pay for a Combo Set which only price at RM 13.90? Minus da waiting session, overall, i would say that it's worth to order da Combo set which comes with a bowl of mexican rice, 1/2 footlong sausage, 1 small pc of a chicken chop, 1 small pc of fish and chips, fried onion rings, salad and that's not all, there's one free soft drink as well and we were given da Rootbeer. Sounds good huh? Darling and I share out da Combo Set as he was afraid that i won't be able to finish up da meal plus before that, he bought a few pieces of sushi back in da Jusco Supermarket. Oh yeah, da sushi displayed in Jusco Supermarket were rather cheap especially when da clock strikes at 9pm onwards. 20% discount, anyone? ;) Oh yah, da California Express Station is located somewhere in da Jusco Supermarket at Old Wing, 1 Utama. If you are patience enough and willingly to wait, it's worth for a meal or perhaps, at that time i was just unlucky that so happened there were only 2 staffs on duty in da kitchen preparing da ingredients, cooking and as well as taking care da payment counter.

hehehe...i quite like da display's nice and as a matter of fact, this's da board that attracts my darling and i to try out their food..:)

Ho ho da picture to check out da me, it's quite cheap..:) Can you imagine that for a plate of pasta price only at RM 5.50? I don't know if da other selections taste good as i had da Combo Set and it's a promotion set so i guess, that's why da set is not stated in da Menu Board..:)

Believe it or not, it's's really cheap after da 20% discount..:p yum yum...:)

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