Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry Potter and Da Goblet of Fire

Yesterday was da first day screening of Harry Potter and Da Goblet of Fire. Now, guess what? I manage to reserved da tickets and watched it at da same time's definitely Harry-Potter-Fever everywhere now i bet...Darling was a little bit late to pick me up from his house.. it was hell jam from his place to my place...he took almost 1 hour to reached my place when on normal days, he can easily reach my place less than 30 minutes....again, nobody knows what's going on at that time that cause da supa jam all da way from subang-damansara tol and jam all da way till da end of ldp tol....pity him got to travel so far yet stucked in da jam for so i said before, he's da matter how far and how hard it's, he will try not to disappoint me to fulfilled whatever i want, wherever i want to go. He reached my place at 745pm and we head to Damansara Jaya for dinner. This's da interesting part...:) We had Brazillian Buffet Dinner in Carnaval Churrascaria's a must try for meat lovers, cost at RM 48 per pax, you will be served unlimited barbecued meat on skewers. Da passador (waiters) will move from table to table, carving the meat at your request. Marinated and prepared well, da beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, chicken livers, fish, prawns and pineapple retain their natural flavourings that tell you why this is meat lovers’ paradise. The salad bar boasts a few choices which include golden brown wedges, mashed potatoes, black beans, pasta, and even Malaysian choices. We ordered 2 glasses of red wine and according to my darling, da beef topside was excellent – juicy, slightly seasoned and with just da right texture. Da beef ribs were worth it too. Even rare, it was not chewy and the natural beefy taste was present. After all, it’s Carnaval’s meats that are da gastronomic delights. Da lamb shoulder was pure eating pleasure, the chicken cuts pleasant, and the sausages little delicious delights. Da prawns and chicken's liver would be another highlight as it taste so good!!!! Da pineapple, grilled until slightly brown, it freshens the mouth and aids digestion. Gets you set for more meat! Okay, we had enough of meats and da clock shows that it's time for us to leave as we got to collect da Harry Potter's tickets 45 mins before da show.

Now, it's time for me to comment on da movie. As my exploration throughout some of da movies' forum website, i've got to know that for those who read Harry potter books definitely felt disappointment with da movie..i am not too sure why but it could be due to simplifying the story into 2 and ½ hours. As for myself, i find this movie quite entertaining and da graphics, it's looks so real in life!! Most probably for those who not read the Harry Potter books will enjoy the movie without any problem..;) Do watch it if you liked Harry Potter previous chapters (1, 2 & 3) and Lord of The Rings trilogy.. it's definitely a movie not to be missed....thumbs up!

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