Wednesday, November 23, 2005

KL International Gourmet Festival's KL International Gourment Festival and for da very first time, i've decided to try out da festival menu at Oggi Italian Restaurant which is located in Da Regent Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

hehehe..look, Oggi Restaurant and Bar...:)

here we are inside Oggi...sitting at da supa vip place...:p awesome environment isn't it...;)

Now, back to da festival menu. Da Festival Menu is priced at RM 160.00 ++ per pax with 2 glasses of Red Wine and 1 glass of Prosecco (Sparkling White Wine). Hmmm...i must say that it's worth da price! Da romantic environment, da food and da good services provided by da crew, it's awesome! Thumbs up to them..:) Lets cut short da story and hop to da menu..shall we? ;)

Hohoho....considered as our first serving..that's our Prosecco (sparkling white wine) with a basket of yummylicious cheese sticks, cheese crips and a huge pc of bread...:p oh..not to forget, it comes with tomatoe sauce..ahh my darling then pour da vinegar and olive oil to serve with da me, it's definitely yummy!!! :) comes da apetizer of mine! Salmon what's in Salmon Terrine?
It's actually black olive butter in it with Anchovies's truly amazing that da salmon and butter was place one layer by one layer...can you see how perfect it's? *eyes drooling* thumbs up!!!!!! i am loving it!

Haha this's my darling's apetizer, Venison Carpaccio..obviously, it's da venison meat which comes along with celery salad, berries coulis and endive.....wowowo...da meat is tender and juicy....:)

Soupy time!!!! we were actually given 3 choices. Me, da lobster maniac opt for da Lobster Bisque with fresh's so creamy and tasty...slurppppppp...:)

Since da other 2 options were da Soup of Da Day and Wild Mushroom Soup, my darling decided to go for da Wild Mushroom Soup..oh my god, it's so yummy...yeah i know that i am greedy...i tried it as well and da wild mushroom soup was filled with extra virgin olive oil....i almost finished half of it...:p

Yipee...we head on to da Pasta...;) I had da Black Fettuccine cod ragout and vegetables...for my own tastebud, i find da pasta a little bit plain as in not salty enough...perhaps my darling's pasta taste better? We shall see...:)

Hoho...i guess i was right! Da Valtellina Pizzoccheri that my darling had taste better! I should have opt for this rather than da Black Fettucine..:p By da way, da valtellina pizzoccheri is a combination of spinach, patatoes and bitto darling said that it's something new for him as he never try anything like that before...kudos!!!!!

Finally, main course and red wine (2nd round of pouring) is served!!!!! Yum that time, i just can't wait to try da Pan-Roasted Cod Fish which comes along with babg eggplant caponata and sauteed spinach....this's definitely da best fish i've ever eaten....da fish's texture was awesome!!!! it's just too good to be true...:) Deliciousss.......

Woohooo...what did my darling ordered for his main course? He had da Grilled Beef Tenderloin..according to him, he says that it's cheesy and yummy.....i wouldn't know how it taste no matter how good it's cause i don't take not much of comment over here..:)

My's dessert time....yeah yeah......I had da Egg Custard and Chocolate Cake.. i am speechless!!! It taste so good and yummy.....guess what? Da egg custard and da chocolate cake actually serve with hazelnuts praline smooth and soft...goodness! Believe it or not, i can still dream of it....:p

Kekeke...another portion of da desserts....this time it's da Sicilian Ricotta Cassata Forest Berries Coulis...phew...what a long name huh.....:p one must be wondering what's so special on this portion yeah?'s yummy yummy ice-cream serve with berries..... wild berries.... blue berries... name's all serve along....woohoo yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s time to digest our food....hehehe...i opt for da Jasmine Green Tea...haha......i've got no comment on da tea cause da brand of da tea that they used eventually, i've it back at home...:p

It looks so nice right......aikss...darling was smart enough...he tried da cappucino and look at's marvellous isn't taste good!!!!!!!yummmmmm

Heh...must be wondering what's this's a complimentary from da's Mignardises....aiks i am not sure of what da terms means but i can tell that 2 of da little creature over there taste like a small muffin top with a blueberry and a strawberry while da other one taste like a mochi.....

Hohoho....guess what? We asked for bill and we were given a special red card for our next visit usage stated 'Dine One Get One Person Free Offer at Lai Ching Yuen or Oggi from 11th November to 11th December 2005'...muahahahaha...that's definitely a good news for me....alright, i shall be heading to Lai Ching Yuen soon.....;)

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Hedgehog said...

Oggi sucks big time since Simone the chef left for California. He was the best, started and moulded Oggi. Knew him from day one, and I just went back there last month, and OMG the service, food and everything is just different and really bad!