Monday, November 28, 2005

Lemon Garden's weekend again and here i am with my darling to try out da weekend high-tea at Lemon Garden, Shangri-La Hotel KL. Goodness and thumbs up! No doubt, i would say that this's definitely da best served high-tea in da city as compare to da rest of da hotels that i'd been to. Oh yeah before i forget, da high-tea is priced at RM 68++ starting from 12pm-4pm. Can you imagine for that price, you can opt to go for chinese cuisines, italian cuisines, local cuisines, japanese cuisines, indian cuisines and not to forget da wide range of desserts selection plus you will be amazed with da ChocolateFondue..i love da Chocolate Fountain...:p If you were to asked me to rate, i will rate it 10 out of 10...check out da pictures and you will agree with me. However, limited pictures were taken as darling and i can't wait to try out one plate to another..:p Da best advice, drive yourself to Lemon Garden and experience regrets!

Da Lemon Garden Cafe...;) nice environment..!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's so fresh, so yummy!!!!! for da oysters' lover, you definitely wouldn't want to miss this one....da best part is, you can have it a 1/2 dozen, 1 dozen, 2 dozens or unlimited.....:p

look at da cold dishes....salmon, mussels, turkey, eggplant,'s so yummy!!!!!

my darling's indian style selection....:)

oo lah lah....look at da Chocolate's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets dip my favourite stawberry into da chocolate....;)

here it' chocolate fondue.....yummy yummy!!! it's so irresistible....awesome...:D

soup? no no no...this's da fruit cocktail.....yum yum...delicious.....

yeah.....dessert time!!! my favourite 1st plate which consists of a spoonful strawberries, blueberry tart, raspberry tart with white chocolate, vanilla with strawberry and white chocolate and a piece of lemon cheese cake......:D

yeah, 2nd plate! yummylicious tiramisu, raspberry cheese cake and a mini chocolate...:p

don't be suprised, it's da 3rd plate now! chocolate cheese pudding with pomelo, chocolate pie and a small piece of a chocolate cream cake.....hohoho....i am eating it without guilt.....gosh, i got to go on diet from now on...:I

look at my darling's topped with vanilla ice-cream...hey, i wanted so much to try out their strawberries, chocolate, vanilla and greentea flavour ice-creams but after da 3rd plate of my favourite desserts, i have to raise my hand and give up....:I

hehehe...yeaps, that's my darling and i infront of da dessert bar...:) hey, i will be back to Lemon Garden anytime from now onwards...:p

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