Friday, November 18, 2005

My First Blog

it's my first blog over here...apparently i was inspired by my friends to start blogging..i am still catching up knowing how-to-blog....oh yeah...i admit that i am slow and a little bit 'out' perhaps? some of my friends been blogging for years and i am now only starting to blog...shame on me..:p neway, i guess there are lots more to be explored...not knowing how to start and where to begin....sigh...hey, practise makes perfect isn't it? :) hmmm...i am a little bit unsure on what to put in here but for da moment, i guess a little bit of everything....perhaps what's happening around me....about my and such...

oh well, no doubt i've got one happy family...hehe dad, mom and little sista...they are my everything.....without them, i am nobody today....:) Not to forget da one who share da good and bad moments in my darling! He's definitely someone that i can't live without...da one who bring lotsa happiness to me.....da one who love and care for me unconditionally...he's da man...:) Friends, i've plenty from primary classmates to secondary classmates to college friends.... unfortunately, we hardly meet each other due to everyone is busy with their own life and schedules..:p then again, my bestest friend will always be on top of da list...we've da same passion for almost everything....hehe..i shall reveal who's she later in da next few blogs..:p

ooooo...i am a movie freak....i will never ever missed out any good movies....and tonite, i am going for Harry Potter and Da Globlet of Fire..ekekeke..i definitely will be one of da many early-birds to watch this movie as it opens today!!!!!!! I shall post out da review of this movie after tonite...:) What types of music i am into? Oh well....i am into everything, from classical to rock to name long as it's nice, it will be on top of my favourites...:) Travelling? oh yes....i love to it a city of lights, be it a city of sounds, be it sandy beaches and beautiful islands.....i've never failed to go for a vacation at least once a year...otherwise what's life for? :)

Food....hehehe....guess what? i am a food lover....warning, i am a big eater and absolutely obsessed with any good food around me....from mom's cooking to hawker food stall to fine long as it taste good....i shall never missed out any chances to be da first to try it out! Believe it or not, not only that i can cook but i can bake as well!!!! I guess da upcoming post of mine will definitely have lotsa recipes for baking and not to missed out da good fine food places i'd been too....hehehe....:)

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