Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Restoran Ho Fun

It's Monday night and dad thought of buying his favourite songs and cds at Ss2 Pasar Malam. Hey, it's really cheap to get da pirated cds over there...:p yeah, i know it's wrong to do so but then again, it's only RM 7 per cd and Rm20 for 3 cds. Since it's quite some time that dad went 'mia' from pasar malam, darling and i suggested to bring dad and mom out for dinner. Haha..of course, mom was happy indeed as going out for dinner means she don't need to cook on a weekday. As usual, it's always pack and jam along da pasar malam area and i don't expect my parents to have their dinner jumping from one stall to another...therefore, darling and i decided to bring dad and mom to Restoran Ho Fun which we'd tried before. As for my own tastebud, i would say that da Dry Ipoh Hor Fun taste good. It's served with 2 pcs of prawns, a few small slices of chicken meat and with a small bowl of soup. I remember that da other day darling tried their Chicken Rice and he says that da chicken meat taste good and tender and this time around, he ordered da Dry Ipoh Hor Fun, da same goes to me and dad. Mom usually prefer soup noodle rather than dry one...so, she ordered da Chicken Hor Fun and she mentioned that da portion was big, da chicken meat was tender enough and da most important part is that, it's delicous! Hohoho...i am pretty sure da Chicken Hor Fun taste good, otherwise for a person like her (a very choosy person when comes to food) would have criticised it rather than giving a good remark! Besides da Hor Fun, we did ordered da side dishes like Ipoh Tau Gay, Kampar Tau-Foo, Sui Kow and Sai-Dou FishBall. If i were to comment on their side dishes, i would say that it taste so-so as i believe that you can easily spot a hawker food stall around Ss2 area selling it and taste almost da same...:p I guess dad was pretty hungry and he wanted another plate of noodle...this time, he choose to have da Dry Curry Mee and for your information, it's not good at all! According to dad and mom, da mee were so sticky, lumpy and da curry was tasteless.....: Perhaps, at that moment, da cook was doing something else and not concentrating leads to over-cook da mee...:p Oh yeah, before i forget, one bowl/plate (sou[p/dry) of Hor Fun/Mee is priced at RM 4.80 while one pc of sui kow is priced at RM 1.00, one pic of sai-dou fishball is priced at RM 0.60 and one plate of tau gay is priced at RM 6.00. The restaurant is located at:-

Restoran Ho Fun
No.18, Jalan Ss2/63
47630 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78741878

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