Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Da Best Christmas Ever

Hohoho...back from christmas holiday and i'd a terrific and da best christmas ever! Two days before Christmas, darling brought a xmas tree to me and it's a xmas pressent from his mom and dad to me ..oh, that's really sweet and nice of his mom and dad. Believe it or not, it was da first ever xmas tree that i own (yeah, i ain't a christian..thus, my family and i don't really celebrate xmas not until for da past few years) and believe it or not, it's da most beautiful xmas tree i'd ever seen! It's one of a rare kind and it's rather expensive. I am just so touched and that night itself, darling, sis and i put up da xmas tree and when we on da switch.....

whoa........fibre-optics technology! Da colors of da lights changed from one second to another and it's really beautiful!What's down there? Hehehehe.....it's pressies for darling, sista and myself!

this's how my xmas tree looks like during daytime....it's beautifully decorated with ornaments.. i am loving it! :D

As i mentioned earlier, bbq on christmas eve and I was quite disappointed on that day as a matter of fact that, it was raining all night long! Thank god that da rain didn't ruined our bbq dinner as we had it at da car porch. Darling was da man that night..da picture explained everything..:p

My Home Sweet Home


Rained Whole Night :(

Dad, Mom, Darling, Me and Sis (she left to church to with her friends after an hour we started da bbq...hmmm how could she huh?:p)

Da Menu
Salad (Butterhead Lettuce, Capsicums, Cherry Tomatoes and Tomatoes)
Pork Sausages
Chicken Sausages
Cheese Sausage
Turkey Ham
Chicken Wings (marinated overnight)
Chicken Drumsticks (marinated overnight)
Lamb Cutlets (marinated overnight)
Lamb Meatballs
Salmon Fillets (marinated few hours)
Ikan Kembong (marinated few hours)
Tiger Prawns
Squid (marinated few hours)
Multi-Color Capsicums
Baby Eggplant
Portabello Mushrooms with Cheddar Cheese Topping
Mix-Fruit (Rockmelon, Black Raspberry, Blueberries, Strawberries and Apples)

hohoho look at my baby-boy....he's da man...da only person grilling all da food :p hey hey, i did helped a little bit though...:p

woooooo....burn, baby, burn......yummylicious!!!!!!

We'd used up approximately RM 400 for da Bbq dinner (yeaps, definitely costy) but it's definitely worth it as there's no way one can give me da togetherness and da happiness that i'd back at home with my family on this special ocassion..there's no way i can express my gratitude towards my darling for all da things he had done for me throughout da journey of ours..thank you for bringing joy to my family and to us, thank you for everything..:)

Hohohohoho....jingle bell...jingle bell...jingle all da way...it's finally christmas and as planned, darling and i brought his daddy and mommy for christmas high-tea at Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel. I remembered that da last time i went there for high-tea was Mother's Day in year 2004.....whoa...it has been 1 1/2 year and da cafe looks just exactly da same as before...food wise, it's still considered good for da price of RM 57++ per pax...like my beloved daddy said, it's a dessert heaven for me! Ekekekeke......i couldn't agree more on that ;)

Ekekeke....that's me, da little monster! Look at da background of this picture...my all time favourites....oh yeah, da Chocolate Log Cake was so yummy!!!!!!!!Definitely got to be da best log cake that i ever had before...yum yum... oh no, it's so sinful....i think my next year resolution is to cut off entirely going for high-tea, buffet and fine dining as i am getting huge as time goes by! sigh....diet, baby, diet!!!!!!!!

Da Little Monster with her beloved Huggable Bear and da Rockstar Santa Claus :p Hahahaha.... this's amusing..don't ya think so? Look at da Santa Claus.....i never know santa claus wears sunglasses...:p

It was 2.00pm back then when we finally had enough and darling decided to bring me to KLCC which i'd told him earlier that i need to grab some biscuits from Marks & Spencers and of course, darling's parents were with us as well. Hohoho....reached KLCC and da christmas decorations were awesome......check out da pictures :)

Awesome.....look at da decorations...it was so beautiful and that's da huge and tall xmas tree!

Hohoho......reindeer at da concourse area!!!!! Hehehehehe and without thinking much, snap! ;)

Enough of pictures taking...went to Marks & Spencer to grab whatever i needed and walked around...da moment i saw Armani Exchange, i dragged darling in :p and yippee, one red blouse for myself, a sweater and a t-shirt for darling......and it's time to go back as darling's parents getting tired....

As this year christmas falls on Sunday, that means, Monday is still a holiday...yippee!!! Good for darling though....he managed to get some rest and i buzzed him at 12.00pm to wake him up for lunch as mom done with her cooking. After lunch, we head on to Midvalley and it was hell jam! Oh my god, it was supa dupa jam...speechless! I guess for da next visit, darling and i gonna take ktm over there rather than to drive! Madness jam.....can you imagine that i left my house at 2.00pm and by right, i can reach in less than 20 minutes and as for yesterday (da day after christmas), i reached Midvalley at 3.00pm plus!!!!!!!! If it wasn't because of Cheaper By Da Dozen 2, i wouldn't step in at all to Midvalley. Anyway, before we move on to da cinema to collect our reserved tickets, we managed to snap da beautiful christmas decorations at da concourse area...

Hohohoho.....white christmas at midvalley.....:)

Enough of pictures and we walked to da cinema...yippee...collected da tickets, walked around and time to go in! Hmmm.....movie review? Well, i would say that this's a nice movie....ahhh such a good movie letting us know that it's definitely not easy to be a father, not easy to please da kids and most of all, not easy to gather everyone for a family outing. It's hillarious and a very touching story...:) To da parents out there, bring your kids to watch this show..it's a very meaningful story though....:) After da show, what happened was......

Hahahahaha.....darling and i ended up at Lemon Garden, Shangrila Hotel for its dinner buffet and it's price at RM 88++ per pax (oh boy, it's really expensive..but da food just too good to be true :p ) Gosh....few days in a row eating non-stop....i wonder how i am going to slim down myself! Anyway, this time around, they served Lobster!!!!!!!! Hohohohoho....check out da pictures...;)

Hohohoho...these are all my all time favourites!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummylicious.....

Da Italian portion of mine......heyhey.....look, those are sliced lobsters on your right... ekekekeke....

Woohooo...lobster...lobster........yum yum....i guess this must be da baby-lobster as it's not huge at all...and it's really yummy..........

i'd then moved to da chinese section and i asked for a bowl of glass noodle soup...eat along with da cut chillies (cili padi) Slurp.....delicious!!!

There will be no pictures on da desserts as they served almost da same thing as before (i'd posted da pictures earlier da last time i went Lemon Garden for their lunch buffet) Just too bad that there wasn't any Tiramisu left...sob sob.....:(

Da love birds after da yummylicious dinner......;)

Before we leave, we managed to capture a unique christmas tree inside Shangrila Hotel..... believe it or not..those are tea light holders...beautiful!

Time flies and that's da end of Christmas 2005 and it's definitely da best christmas ever! In a few days time, we gonna welome year 2006.....a new year, a new beginning.....

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