Monday, December 19, 2005

Enjoyable Sunday

Hohoho...yesterday, darling and i went for food hunting again. This time, we ended up at Jake's Charbroil Steaks which is located at Lower Ground Floor of Starhill Shopping Centre. Somehow, darling was craving for Western Food for da past 2 days since he's back from outstation and we didn't manage to had western food on Saturday nite because we were rushing to catch "King Kong" and all we had was a steamboat dinner at J0hnny's Restaurant. It was 5pm when we reached KL yesterday and we parked our car at KL Plaza. We were supposed to walk all da way to Low Yat Plaza for honey (my early morning drinks before breakfast) and as we were on our way, i saw 'MANGO' muahahahahaha...only then i remembered that MNG is having sales and i dragged darling in :p What happened was, after 30 minutes inside....

i came out with a plastic bag which filled with lotsa clothes inside and darling just shook his head and laugh at me....such a bad bad boy! It's just so irresistible :p

Hohoho...done in MNG and we walked to Lot 10 then to Sg. Wang and finally reached Low Yat. Done with honeys and it's time for dinner! We were not quite sure where to dine actually as there were lotsa choices over there. I suggested darling Feast Village Starhill Gallery as it has been quite a while since da last time i went Star Hill to shop....yeah, i've quit spending money on branded goods at this moment and hopefully it will last long...:p Da moment we stepped in to Star Hill, beautifully decorated! Oh boy, lotsa christmas trees, beautiful lights and da next!

Da babyboy and i with da beautifully decorated Christmas Tree @ Star Hill :) magical!!!!! It's a small entrance way to JW Mariott from Star Hill and da color of da lights change from 1 second to another....whoaaaaaaa it was so beautiful and i just wish that i could stay there longer.....

Hohohohohoho.......da little monster over here....beautiful background!!!! :D

Okay okay..enough of pictures! Hungry....time to search for a restaurants! We went down to da Feast Village and for da very first time there, i am really impressed and amazed with their settings and decorations. Whoaaaaa.....lotsa restaurants, they are Enak Kuala Lumpur, Fisherman's Cove, Koryo-Won, Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant, Tarbush Restaurant, Sentidos Tapas, Vansh, Shook, My Thai, Luk Yu Tea House and Jake Charbroil Steaks. Hohoho....lotsa choices and as i'd mentioned earlier, without thinking much, we opt for Jake Charbroil Steaks. Lets see what we'd ordered, kicked off with 2 glasses of Red Wine and....

Before we move on...look at this, it's da Australian Beef Basic Cut....:)

Da Appetizer of ours...yeaps, darling and i shared it...basically it's a cold dish...a pc of fresh Oyster, 3 pcs of Smoked Salmon, 2 pcs of Clams, Mayo Cold Prawns, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions and's really yummy and it's RM 42 for this plate :)

Right..this's da main course for darling...oh's da Ribeye Steak of a 200 days old cow and it's weight at 200g. It's served with broccolis, corns, carrots and a baked potato instead of potato wedges. For your information, according to da comment that's given by my darling, this's da best steak of all da steaks he had tried before in other restaurants which he used to tell me that San Fransisco Steakhouse serve da best steaks in town and now it has degraded after he'd this ribeye yesterday. Heaven and yummylicious were da words that he kept on repeating yesterday while we were eating..muahahaha...i just couldn't stop laughing at that time....he's just so my babyboy...:D Oh yeah, this maincourse is priced at RM 93 and i am not too sure if it's considered pricey because i don't take beef and i will never ever know how it taste like...;)

My main course portion and it's da Grilled Salmon topped with butter and a slice of lemon with raw carrots, lettuces and french fries. Oh well, price at RM 42, nothing to shout about as i still feels that TGIF serves da best grilled salmon so could be da sauce, da secret recipe of TGIF :p

Here comes my favourite....yippee dessert time!!!! We ordered da Chocolate Fudge Cake served with Haagen Daaz Vanilla's so was really hot and soft when it's served to our table and da first bite, heaven! Price at RM 14.90 which served with Haagen Daaz Ice-Cream, worth it :)

Believe it or not, i'd no enough dessert and we had another piece of Coffee Marble Cheese Cake ;) For this selection which price at RM 12, it's a little bit pricey because i can actually get da same thing or taste even much better from CoffeeBean and it's less than RM10 ;)

Da Little Monster with her beloved Baby-Boy :p

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Aunt Bubbly said...

Hie this is the niece of Jakes's owner. be sure to let her know your review. do come back again =)