Thursday, December 29, 2005

Flasback Year 2005

In a few days time, it marks da end of year 2005, time to say goodbye to year 2005 and all of us will welcome a brand new year 2006. Time flies and i still remember that during da end of year 2004, i was hoping so much to welcome year 2005 because that year itself was totally a tragic year for me, for my family and for my jimui as well. I remembered how very much i wished that year 2005 would be a year that will bring back happiness to me, a happiness that i've been longing for everyone..especially for my beloved dad and little bestest friends and towards all my friends. Looking back da journey of mine in year 2005 , my wish somehow was granted (minus da robbery case back at home on 15th January 2005) and i am truly glad that it's a so much better year compare to year 2004. I couldn't asked for more for sure...

What really happened in Year 2005? Phew....January wasn't really a good month for my family. There was a robbery case back at home on 15th of scared mom and sis off as they were at home when da robbery took place. Thank god that mom and sis were unhurt....such a blessing to us as those robbers came with parangs...what a cruel world...:( Da precious benz was robbed away, uncountable valuable items were taken away, cash, handphones...think of it, it makes me so angry, they took my precious watch away...da very 1st watch that i bought for myself and it was such a precious to me :( as for now, there's no way i can find back da same old watch....sob..

Not long after that, we (da chinese) celebrated Chinese New Year which dated 9th of February and definitely, it was a good time to healed ourselves (my family and i) thank god right after chinese new year, everything went smoothly up till this date. By 14th February, it was Valentine's Day and i remembered that i was still on leave while darling returned to work. Such a memorable nite for me as darling came to my house with a bunch of beary roses and later to Mango Tree Restaurant for dinner...

Believe it or not, it was da most special gift ever on valentine's day...thank you darling...i love you!

Hohoho.....24th of March, definitely a special day for my darling. His birthday! Hehehe....that was my 1st time celebrating his birthday and i really tried so hard to plan for a memorable nite for him. Alas, i gave him a surprise a week before his birthday by inviting few of our close friends for dinner and we ended up at Tgif, Da Curve. On da actual birthday, i then brought him to Luna Bar....first time to Lunar Bar, it was such a wonderful experienced and definitely a good place to hang out...awesome scenery!

One happy family back in March 2005 to celebrate Darling's birthday :)
From left: Jasmine Kan (my jimui's precious), YeeTyng (my jimui), Joe Kan (my jimui's hubby), LayFun (my good friend), Bob (my darling) and myself..

Oo lah lah......beautiful scenery at Lunar Bar....:)

Four days later, on da 28th of March.....Earthquake!!!!!!!!! For da very first time in my life, i felt earthquake shock...i remembered that it was late at night and i was sitting on da sofa while my darling massage my hand as i twisted my wrist earlier..:p thereafter, my living room's gate was shaking......i was so shocked that i thought somebody trying hard to break in my house again!!!!holly shit.....darling run to da gate and see if there's someone out our surprised, nobody was there....but da gate and da window continue shaking....while i was sitting on da sofa, i felt so giddy!!!!! oh my god.....da sofa was moving front and back......i thought something's wrong with i tried to sit straight.......oh no....i wasn't dreaming....da sofa was was really moving and da gate continue shaking!!!!!we both couldn't explain why...... and continue to puzzle what's going on....and darling says this, 'it's earthquake....see tomorrow's paper.....i am sure tomorrow there will be news on this'......he went home after he's pretty sure that i am da time he went home, it was already 1am.....i felll asleep...and da next morning, when i had a glance on da 1st page of Star paper, i saw da news!!!!! it means, it was really earthquake!!!!!!!!!!!it's such a undescribeable feelings...

April was da month that i kickstart Yoga and has been 9 months now and i am loving it ;) cool........

May, June.....whoa finally! 17th of June, we (my jimui, my jimui's hubby, darling and i) departed ourselves to Redang! It has been close to 6 months now since we came back from Redang...i truly miss those days that i spent with my darling, my jimui and her hubby...those beautiful moments and sweetest memories of ours will always be cherished and i am thankful that it was a successful vacation for know, we have been 'ding-dong' here and there for quite some time over this matter and finally, our dreams came true! it's definitely an awesome vacation....don't believe? look at our pics and you will definitely understand why it's an incredible vacation of's not only da beautiful seaview, da perfect sunrise, da enjoyable snorkelling trip, da yummy's not only that that's da time that we share along with each other and spend with each's da bond that we've's da laughter, da jokes during this 3 days in Redang....on top of that, da patience and da kindness towards each other really amazed me....we've been so helpful towards each other....especially me da most troublesome one...haha you guys surely know what i mean..:p thank you for everything......i am out of words to describe how i feel but for sure, i will always remember those sweet moments you guys gave it to will always be da perfect vacation for us.....:D

Too good to be true!!! Yeaps...that's Redang...beautiful!!!!!

Snorkelling at Lima Island......wooohohoooo.....lotsa beautiful fishes and corals!!!

Awesome sunrise scenery at Redang Island....we stand side by side in da morning light and look out at da future together...:)

Oo lah and my partner in crime and she's definitely my bestest friend! :)

Back from Redang....and on 4th of July, it marked da day darling and i'd been together for one year.....lets see if i still remember how we celebrated our 1st year anniversary....hey, how can i forget? I will never ever forget our 1st year anniversary.....:) We celebrated it at Frangipani and we both bought each other a 'couple watch'.....

Darling and I on our 1st year Anniversary.......loving each other now and forever..:)

On da 27th of August, it marked da day Sharon (darling's sister), Philip (darling's bro-in-law) and Phoebe (darling's niece) leaving us in KL and migrated to Melbourne...think of it, it makes me miss Phoebe so much now :( Hopefully darling and i will be able to visit them asap ekekeke....:)

Farewell to Sharon and Phoebe at KLIA....:(

September, October, December......basically i'd been indulging myself into food....been learning how to cook, how to bake....more or less thanks to my darling for buying me a new oven and of course that's da key to encourage me to bake and bake...Apart from that, i've been touring for hunting here and there mostly on fine dining and i guess my next year resolution is to disallowed myself to go for fine dining and buffets! Wondering if i can do that.. hmmm......

Overall, year 2005 definitely a great year for me....i wouldn't asked for more and just hope that da upcoming new year will be a better one or at least stay da same like in year 2005. Here, i would like to thank my parents for all da love and care that they'd given me unconditionally.... they are da best and 1st priority will always be given to them...:) I am blessed and thankful that i am never alone all this while having my little sista with me to overcome all da obstacles that we faced being in da family or out of da family....though she's still young, but, it's definitely more than enough to know that, no matter what happens, i still have a sista with me..:) As for my darling, as i mentioned before, he's da man.....he's my everything and somehow i am just speechless of how i can thank him for all da things he had done for me throughout da journey of ours. Words just couldn't explain how very much important his love to me, how very much that i needed him most of da time and that he never failed to fulfilled my dreams...i know that by saying thank you is no enough, all i can do is to spread my love for you, love you unconditionally and i will always stand by you no matter what happens....Hey, not to forget my partner in crime! Haha....kidding yeah....she's my bestest friend and always will be.....believe it or not, without her, i've got nobody to share my deepest secret and can you imagine how important she's in my life? I just want to thank her for being there for me whenever i needed her throughout da year and that she never failed to say yes to me whatever i requested from her and when a help is needed, there's no way she will say no! Thank you, Tyng!....Oh yeah, good news.......she's now 3 weeks pregnant and we shall wait for da baby to be delivered next year...:D

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jessiewoo said...

My precious jimui ... wishing you all the best yeah ... for the brand new year 2006 ... hope i could get ur "red bomb" soon la yeah ... to your Daddy, wish him da best of health ... to your mummy, wish her stay pretty always ... to your sista, wish her all the best in her future ... to Mr. Bob, FASTER SEND ME YOUR RED BOMB la !!! hahahaha wishing him all da best and take care yeah ... and to my PARTNER in CRIME ... hahaha wishing you all da best yeah ... stay pretty always ... best of health ... keep ur temper (this is for Bob's sake) ... learn to be more patience yeah ... patience is VIRTUE ... Love you all ... Muacksss