Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year Resolutions

A brand new year....a new beginning! Lets welcome Year 2006 and may this coming new year bring lotsa happiness to everyone! Yeaps, it's time to make some New Year Resolutions and hopefully they can be achieved...:)

  1. To be more PATIENCE when i am driving mode. Oh boy, i've been running out of patience looking for car park, stucked in da jam, can't wait to take over any cars that's going slow. I think i should really learn to be more patience.
  2. Throw LESS TEMPER to da one i love. I guess i should not even throw temper at all. I must not get mad and angry easily.
  3. To SAVE MORE MONEY. Yeah, i save no enough and i really should save more money for future usage.
  4. LESS FINE DINING and LESS BUFFET. Phew...definitely it's hard. I think i should cut down to maximum once a month, unlike now, fine dining and buffet almost every week.
  5. TRAVEL TO AUSTRALIA with my family. I am still wondering if this can be done. My little sista is on da NS list and still unsure she's in which batch while daddy is a workaholic, can he really put down all his work i wonder. Darling's sista is in Melbourne and we are still unsure which part of Australia we should go. Melbourne? Gold Coast? Sydney? All of them? Arghh...still undecided and i shall wait for da day to come.
  6. TAKE MY PARENTS OUT FOR DINNER at least once a week. I'd been doing a good job in year 2005 and hopefully i can still do it in Year 2006.
  7. VISIT AND TAKE DARLING'S PARENTS OUT FOR A MEAL at least once a month. I bet i'd not been a good gal. Instead of visiting darling's parents and bringing them out for a meal, darling and i ended up having meal without them.
  8. TO CONTINUE YOGA CLASS. been 9 months now and i am loving it.
  9. TO CONTINUE PIANO CLASS. I am in big trouble! I am still stucked at Grade 7. I really need to do something about it. Oh my, time to look for a good instructor and complete my Grade as soon as possible!!!!!! You got to do it, baby!
  10. TO BAKE at least twice a week. I need to do something about this. I am getting lazier.
  11. DO FACIAL at least once a month. Sigh....i've been so lazy and da last time i had my facial done was a couple of months back!!
  12. EAT RICE at least 2 tablespoons a day. I've not been eating rice, dad, mom and darling are not happy about this. I should learn to make them happier by eating rice.
  13. NO MORE JUNKS. Hahaha...that's something i must stop or at least try to cut down! Always remember that, junks are bad for health and it makes you fat!
  14. WORK OUT EVERYDAY. I think if i were to follow my current schedule may not be enough. Four times a week isn't enough. Make it Six times a week at least (minus da Yoga Session)
  15. CLEAN AND TIDY MY ROOM at least once a week. Is not good. Not a good job. Clean da room once a month? No enough my dear! Speed up and clean it at least once a week!
  16. BUY LESS DESIGNER CLOTHES & BRANDED GOODS. Yeah, time to go for budget wise clothes.

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