Friday, December 02, 2005

Super Wednesday

What do you normally do on a wednesday night? Hehehehe....most probably to watch a movie? Hohoho...yeaps, i watched Zathura 2 days back and this time i watched it at GSC 1Utama and it cost me RM 14 for 2 tickets. Hmmm...looks like tgv is much cheaper..ermm cheaper by 1 bucks per ticket...but...hey, da seats in GSC definitely much it's still up to one where he/she wanna watch a movie...there's always a price to pay for it...:p After collected da tickets, darling and i walked all da way back to 1 Utama Old Wing to have our dinner at Mcdonald. Yeah, Mcdonald....i am loving it...believe it or not, it has been more than a year since da last time i'd mcdonald and this time, i ordered da Chicken Foldover meal set priced at RM 9.00 ++ o lah lah da set comes with my favourite drink, yeah....coke light and wedges as i didn't know that it taste so good until that night...:D Wookay, i wasn't really full after da meal and darling decided to buy me, we head to New Zealand Natural Ice Cream which is located somewhere near da TGV cinemas and guess what? We were lucky enough because we were given 30% discount!!!! woohoo.....ekekeke...must be wondering yeah...that's because it's 30th November and fyi, every month on da 30th, there will be a special discount 30% off for all da ice-creams why wait? go for it on da 30th...absolutely worth it!!!
Yum yum...okay...okay, enough of food...come back to Zathura...hmmm...i am thinking if Zathura is a low-budget movie?...correct me if i am wrong but it seems like there's nothing much in Zathura....2 little boys, da little boys' father, da little boys' sista and da "grown-up Walter". Yes, that's it.....oh yeah plus da Zorgons (alien-lizards) as well and i don't like them....:p I like Danny (Jonah Bobo) he's really cute and adorable :) If you still remember 'Jumanji'...ermmm i think more than 10 years ago when 'Jumanji' was such a hit back then, you would definitely notice that Zathura and's quite familiar....overall, it's quite an okay movie that talks about brotherly love with some laughable moments but don't expect much as i find da storyline not as strong as Jumanji. Watch it if you like Jumanji..some sort of a remake movie but in a different venue...:)

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