Friday, December 16, 2005


Thank god it's Friday....finally, it's weekend again! Oh well, i will be da happiest person when comes to weekend! I guess i won't be da only one longing for weekends...especially for those who are working, surely weekends will be heaven to them! I need a break from work and i really need a good rest! I have been quite busy this whole week...part of it due to work and part of it due to da reason that dad is not feeling well which adds on my workloads. Since dad wasn't feeling very well, i brought him to see doctor 2 days back and as for myself, i think it's time for me to seek for medical treatment on my hands as well. Yeaps, i've been having rashes on my fingers and palm for da past 3 months at least. I was just too stubborn and lazy to seek for medical treatment thinking that it will cure one fine day but da rashes is getting worst as day goes by. Okay....he's done with dad and i showed da doctor my fingers and he shook his head looking at me disappointedly. I puzzled for a moment and he said that my fingers and hands are very sensitive to chemicals and that i should not touch or get close to da water too much from now on...oh my, i can't even wash useless! That's a bad news but da worst is yet to come...he continued with this, "Have you been eating papaya or carrots?" I looked at him and told him that i did cause they are my favourites after all. He said, "You must stop eating papayas and carrots from now on. Do you know that too much of Vitamin A will kill you? It's already overdosed on you because you look so pale and yellowish. You mus not diet anymore. You are way too skinny and you've got no enough nutrition." Oh my god!!!!!!!!! I was so lost at that time....felt like wanted to cry and not knowing what to do i kept on Huh and huh and huh and huh.....:I He repeatedly warned me to eat rice, eat more and stop on carrots and papayas..holly shit, it's real bad okay...scared me to hell! As for now, 2 days has gone...took da medicine given by da doctor, applied da lotions that supplied by him, stop eating papaya and carrots (sobsob..darling brought all my papayas back to his house) and guess what? My fingers are back to normal....:D no more rashes, no more in red-dish colour, it's getting smoother and no more dry and itchy....feel so relieved!, WARNING WARNING...i'd learnt my lesson well.. do not over-eat papaya and carrots (i'd it everyday for da past 1 year as i was craving for it) it's not that they're harmful or no good, it's a matter of fact that they are very high in vitamin A and consuming too much of it, you will be looking like an alien (yellowish) and cause rashes!

Yesterday was da day.....da day that i finally managed to watch Narnia!!!!!!!!! I wanted so much to watch this show on da very 1st day of its screening but unfortunately darling was away and my little sista was having spm exam at that time and i don't expect myself to watch it all alone...:p yeah, i am such a coward...i don't dare to watch movie all alone and i don't dare to eat alone in a restaurant...that's definitely not me! One fine day, if one ever spotted me watching movie all alone and dine all alone, you know that i've gone cuckoo and do not come near me or else i will bite...ekekekekee *kidding* Upon reaching 1 Utama (new wing), we parked our car at 5th floor and walked to GSC Cinema to collect our tickets and i was no longer surprised to see da crowds jamming in and queuing (it was such a lonnngggg queue :I) furthermore, it's da 2nd day screening of King Kong and 2nd week screening of Narnia...not to forget da screening of da other new current movies! I told darling that i wouldn't want to risk myself to watch a movie without making any reservations as i am phobia to queue...yeah, bad experiences! :p Yippee...collected our tickets and we head to Genki Sushi for dinner.....yum yum yum and times up as it was already 830pm. Darling asked for da bill, paid and walked to Jusco Supermarket as i wanted to buy strawberries and dragonfruit....done and we walked back to GSC, queue for popcorns (yeah...a must have item) and tadaaaa....9pm...aiks, can't go in yet and lotsa people waiting for da cinemas to be be exact, it was cinema 7.....waiting for da blue light! Hahahaha.... yeah, da light was on..i was :o :o it looks like everybody started to rush in...yikes...i hate it...why can't they be more civilised? why can't they slowly walk in one-by-one? Oh if there were golds waiting for them..Hey, da show supposed to be at 9pm but it started at 930pm (da waiting session before da advertisements and waited at least 20 minutes for them to show da advertisements and da upcoming movies) Finally, da show started and darling suddenly asked me, "Are we watching da right show?" Huh? i was rather shocked and i asked myself da same question too cause what we saw were wars in da beginning and we thought wardrobe would be da 1st thing rather than da bombing and killing scenes..:p Both of us were real silly....silly.....silly! Da 1st hour of da show moved too was quite bored in da beginning and i saw darling looking at his watch...i knew he was going to tell me something and bingo, he said, "Huh? 1 hour just to describe da wardrobe?" Hahahahaha....that's real him :) It's not that bad after all...da scene gets better as time goes by and honestly speaking, i quite like Narnia. My ex-collegemate told me that she don't quite like this movie as she thinks that Harry Potter and Aeon Flux were much better and i definitely have a different opinion because i myself loves watching this kind of movies. Somehow, it shows how important it's family members towards each other and i believe that this's a good movie, a true morale to show us da love that da siblings shared with each other and how they (da characters in da movie) walked hand-in-hand to overcome da difficulties that they went through and da sacrifices that they made initially being returned fruitfully touched my heart. Thumb up for this movie :) As for now, i am looking forward to watch King Kong with my darling and my little sista tomorrow... Let's see how good/bad is da movie yeah....:)

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