Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Sunday....Sunday!!! I woke up as early as 730am last Sunday and as usual, i can't sleep much eventhough it's weekends..:( I wonder why huh? Just so used to wake up around that hour and having nothing to do early in da morning, i took my mat and practised yoga for 1 hour...ooohh i love yoga...ahhhh feel so fresh and energetic after da yoga session. Since darling is back from outstation...yeah....saturday midnite and it was really unexpected!!! We went for early breakfast somewhere near my workplace and there after, brought da home-made cake for grandma. It was 12pm by then, dad and mom wanted to shop! Hahaha...shopping, i love to shop! Darling and I then brought dad and mom to 1Utama..accompany them to Mark & Spencer, i was tailing mom as she was busy looking at her favourite pants while darling accompany dad to look for his favourite coffee and cookies...soon after finished at Mark & Spencer, we head on to Jusco and i bought a remote-control car for my niece as this friday is her birthday...just can't believe that in a blink of eyes, she's now 5 years old...time flies! Dad and mom were busy looking at their clothes while darling and i wandered around da toys' department...it really reminds me of my childhood days with lotsa barbie dolls around and i just can't believe that da barbies are so much cheaper now...but, i can see that da material and da quality of da barbies were much better in da olden days...:p Done and we head on to Jusco Supermarket to shop for groceries...yeehaa....my favourites...:p bought lotsa fruits and organic vegetables....yummy! Okay, time to go back...

Out from 1 Utama and it was hell jam...gosh! Dad said he was hungry so we went to SS2 to try out da Golden Bread Restaurant for lunch. We ordered da Combo 'Yau Char Kuai' Set, Steam Radish Cake, Cuttlefish and Peanut Porridge. As for drinks, we had da hot green tea, lime honey green tea as well as Longan Soya Bean. As for my own tastebud, i would say that da 'yau char kuai' were too oily and i don't really like it...da 'yau char kuai' that comes with da cheecheungfan were too salty...however, da one with da mayonaise was okay and da rest of da side order...not bad though :) Hehehe...i think that will be my 1st time and my last time there :p

After lunch, we went home. Dad and mom were pretty tired i guess as da moment i finished taking bath, they were already on da bed sleeping. It was already 5pm, as i'd told darling earlier that i need to go PC Fair...yeah, da printer almost out of ink!!!!! so, we head on to KLCC Convention Center....it wasn't really crowded at that time and by da time i stepped in, i saw da HP Counter over there and yes, i manage to grab all da inks....hahahaha believe it or not, i bought all their left-over stocks. Hohohoho....time for dinner!! I was pretty hungry and we walked back to KLCC....we thought of eating at Chilis but when we reached, it wasn't a good idea at all as people were jamming in! We walked around and thought of Madam Kwan's...wuahhhh that was my 1st respond when i saw da queue....it was such a long queue...oh no, definitely not a good idea to dine there.....as we walked around, aiksss....a waiter from a restaurant came out and inform us that there's a buffet dinner serving now and is priced at RM 38++....i look up and it shows Al-Marjan...gosh..it's a arabian cruisine!!!! Darling and i then went in and look upon da food...and we thought of since da rest of da restaurants were packed with people, we then try it out. Eh...another unexpected dinner! Arabian cruisine......oh my.....anyway, there were lotsa chinese around as well as foreigners. I bet it must be all da long queues over da opposite restaurant that cause them to dine in...:p Overall, da food were quite okay..it's not spicy at all.. lotsa vegetables, lamb, salads and rice!! Oooo...i love da briyani rice hehehehe and not to forget da arabian coffee....taste very odd but it's aromatic...well, i don't quite like da dessert as it taste weird...:p however, da cookies were lovely and nice...hey, there were bananas, apples, oranges, mini tangerines and pear as well.....hohoho....not bad, worth to try it out...:) After da meal, we shop again and this time is at KLCC and Isetan obviously...hahahaha.....and we were forced to stop buying at Isetan as they closed at 930pm......okay, time to go back and rest...after all, da next day.......ahhhhhh Monday!!!! Monday.....got to work again...:(

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