Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What A Saturday

As usual, Saturday worked half day and zoom....back at home...shower and brought my sista to Education Fair, PWTC. I was amazed as it was such a smooth journey...yeah, no jam..can you believe it? Okay...parked my car at The Mall Shopping Center and walked over to PWTC..oh my, it's quite far though and it was drizzling!!!! Walked around...looked around...it reminds me of those good old days that i went through before...heh not knowing which colleges to go, uncertain which courses to be majored in....whoa, 7 years has gone so fast!!!! Yeah, i am da big sista and it's not 1 or 2 years gap but it's 7 years gap!!!! Phew....done with all da colleges and we walked back to The Mall to look for food!!!! Sis and I were craving for sushi...so Sushi King was da only choice we had at that moment. After dinner, we shopped at Cold Storage....hohoho...my favourite! Trust me, that's da only place that you can find imported goods and food..ekekeke.. i am loving it! Yay.....time to head home :)

Oh my....it was hell jam!!!!!! It was 6pm and it was so jam all da way from The Mall till back at home! Heh, supposedly i can reach home in less than 20 minutes but on that day, i took 50 minutes to reach! Goshh....can you imagine how jam it was.....: Hahaha...i was like a dead fish back at home...tired and restless due to da jam-ness i bet :p Clear up all da stuffs that i bought earlier and suddenly, my phone rang! Hohoho...it was my darling :o yeah, i was rather shocked as i couldn't get him throughout da day as he was outstation working. I was even more :o when he told me he was already back at home......and i was like....huh? huh? back at home? thought he supposed to stay at ipoh till tuesday? Hmmm...since he hasn't eaten anything yet, i decided to cook for him.....ahhh, for a moment, i was puzzling.....not too sure what to cook..perhaps da most simple one.....maggi mee! :p Hey, no no no...i ain't that bad okay.....search high and low in da fridge and out of da fridge....finally, i'd decided to cook him Cold Soba...

Da Cold Soba that i'd prepared.....easy job! Boiled da noodle and strained it with cold water and put into da fridge..sprinkle some sesame seeds and seaweeds....it's ready to be eaten!

wait a minute, da cold soba can't be eaten without this yummy soya sauce and sprinkle some seaweed into it.....it's kind of a sauce that you can get it in da supermarket..check it out at da japanese section..

sigh...no quail eggs in hand....no choice, instead of to dip along with quail eggs, i fried da egg :p

Tadaaaa.....my creation :p aikss..where's da wasabi? Hmmm.....it's not in da picture...:( it's really yummylicious when you dip along da wasabi.....slurp......:p

Dessert for darling as well....hmmm..that's da chocolate fudge cake that i'd baked one day ago and served along with a strawberries and passion fruit that i bought it earlier at Cold Storage.. yummyyyyyyyyyyy.......

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