Thursday, December 15, 2005


Yippee...darling is back from usual, once he's back, he will come over and look for me....that's something that he will never ever missed out...:p Pretty happy to know that he loves da blueberry cheese tart so much! Hohohoho...he had 2 of them...that means, he'd finished off da remaining tarts in da fridge! *applause* Goodness...that will give me more inspiration! Oh yeah, did i mentioned that sis and i baked pineapple tarts and steamed cup cakes last sunday? Hmm..i doubt so...check out da looks yummylicious and for sure, my whole family loves da cupcakes and da pineapple tarts...been wondering if i can make more of da pineapple tarts as chinese new year is coming soon!!! ;)

Yummylicious pineapple tarts.....

some of them were sized by sis....haha sis's worries, it's eateable..:p

my all time favourite.....fruity raisins steam cup cake!!!! yummmmmy

mom's favourite......da one with cherries topping...;)

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