Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Charms @ Da Curve

Last Sunday, Darling and I went for food hunting at Da Curve and this time around, we had our brunch in Charms. Hmm...it was our first time there and looks like it's another fusion cuisine outlet and da food was quite normal, nothing special though. Nevermind, at least that minus out one of da many restaurants and cafe that's located at Da Curve. :p Muahaha..our mission is to cover and try out all da restaurants and cafe over there and we shall see when we can accomplish this mission. Okay, lets see what we ordered that afternoon...

Ice-Coffee for my da other half and Cucumber-Lime for myself..:)

Our appetizer, da Omelette stuffed with lotsa onions, vege and ham and it's served with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and button mushroom....yummylicious...:)

Darling's Rice Noodles Laksa..i'd a few spoonful out of it, finds it quite yummy though and it's really a big portion!

I ordered da Stirred Fried Seafood Glass Noodles and I was rather disappointed cause it was somehow tasteless or should I say salt-less..:I

My darlingbear...:)


Oh, before I forget, I'd taken da above pictures using my new 'toy' ekekeke...;)

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ivn said...

i dun like charm, d food there sucks... i hate their plates and bowls especially... =(