Saturday, March 25, 2006

Darling's Birthday Dinner @ Frangipani

Apparently, our first visit to Frangipani was last year, on our 1st Year Anniversary (as in being together with each other, we are not married yet :p). Obviously, is been quite a while since da last time and darling was craving for french cuisine. Therefore, without thinking much, on this special day (darling's birthday), I brought him to Frangipani. Check out da pictures...:)

Da cozy environment inside Frangipani ......

There's a pool in da's just so romantic....:)

My birthday boy......:)

Moi da little devil....:p

Darling and I....

Hohohoho.........Foie Gras for starters. Oh my god, priced at RM 55.00, it's heavenly good! Pan Fried Mullet served along with spinach and barlee. It's definitely yummylicious and believe it or not, its meat texture taste exactly like a crab!!!! A reccomended main course and it's priced at RM 72.00.

Darling had da Tenderloin Steak. No doubt, he enjoy every bite of it and priced at RM 85.00, it has to be da best! ;)

Yippee.......dessert!!!!!! Looking at da menu, I couldn't decide which one I wanted and darling ordered for me. It's da Mascarapone Cheese Cake with Vannila Ice Cream.'s definitely one yummylicious dessert!!!!!! It's just too good to be true and it's priced at RM 26.00.

Oh yeah, before I forget, Frangipani is located along Changkat Raja Chulan. Trust me, it's a fine dining place that one must visit....:)

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