Wednesday, March 22, 2006

An Enjoyable Sunday

I woke up rather late (around 10am) last Sunday and to my surprised, my parents were not at home and already out for breakfast. usual, my morning routine, a cup of honey lemon to kick starts my day and right after that, ;) One hour later, done and ring my da other half to wake up and there after, shower and yippee, darling arrived not long after that. We went to KLCC as I need to get something for my da other half as this coming Friday is his birthday. usual, I can't walk with an empty stomach and at that time that we reached KLCC it was already 1pm and we went to Dome for brunch. Lets see what we ordered..

Darling mentioned that his tummy wasn't feeling good so he had da Caesar Salad..

I had da Foccacia Bread stuffed with Poached Eggs, Cheese and Ham and it's yummylicious!

Oh yeah, this outlet definitely have da poor-est services....believe it or not, da waiter wanted to take our drinks away when we were only half-way through.....thumb down for that :I

After brunch, we went to Crumpler (muahahaha...finally, it's in Malaysia) since darling wanted a bag for his birthday. We were inside da shop for like one hour as darling was so confused not knowing which one to choose. No doubt, da sales person were real kind, nice and helped us to choose da one that's suitable and tadaaaa....darling choose da sling bag and it's blue in color! Honestly speaking, I wanted to own it, wanted da backpack as well and was about to get one for myself....but, my da other half stopped me as he said I don't need one. Yeah, he was right. I was actually over-tempted by its designs and colors, not that I will use it everyday..:I

Darling's new Crumpler Sling Bag and I m so glad to know that he's loving it!

Hohoho....time to look for another present for darling. Apparently, mom wanted to buy him a gift for his birthday and asked me to bring him along, choose things that he likes. I suggested mom to get him a shirt and haha I brought him to REPLAY and let him choose da shirt that he likes and surprisingly, he managed to choose a nice long-shirt. Tried it out, he likes it and I bought it on behalf of my mom.....:D

Birthday gift from my mommy to my da other half...:)

Done with da gifts and my turn to shop for my own stuff :p Muahahaha....I managed to buy quite a few things for myself and darling paid for it. Thank you, darling....:) It was then closed to 5pm and I was a little bit hungry. I brought darling to Gloria Jeans Coffees for a cuppa and hey, it looks like da tv showed that da Formula 1 Race has just ended. Check out what we had while enjoying ourselves watching da Formula 1 Chequered Flag...

Darling and I shared da Scone.'s not bad though but I still prefer da Mama Scone @ Coffee Bean ;)

Ekekeke...not only that we shared da Scone but, a slice of Tiramisu Cake as well. Oh boy, it's yummy...yummy....yummylicous!!!!!!!! yummylicious ice-blended. We both shared da Hazelnut Chiller and I am loving it!

Okay, finished watching da Chequered Flag, we went home and dinner at darling's place as his nieces were around that day. Muahahaha....they are really cute and lovely. Check them out...

Darling's little nieces....Jessica & Joey....oops...playing with water-colors...;)

Look at them...they are really adorable.....a 3 years old gal with her 1 year old sista...;)

Joey, darling's precious niece @ 'kai lui'....

Whoaa....after dinner, it was already 10pm and darling drove me home. What an enjoyable day....;)

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