Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Birthday To My DarlingBear

In a blink of eyes, this will be da second year I am celebrating this special day with my da other half. A message to my da other half, "Happy Birthday To You, My DarlingBear! May All Your Wishes Come True, May You Always Be In Pink Of Health and May You Always Be Happy! A promise to you, I' ll spend this special day with you now and then. Love you lots! Muaks..:)"

A surprise for my da other half....when da clock striked at 12.00am....

My da other half was rather shocked holding da birthday cake that I brought out from da kitchen....:)

Making a wish.....Mall All Your Wishes Come True!


Muahahaha....not bad, not bad....using da self-timer option to take this picture as dad, mom and sis were sleeping at that time...

A Japanese Cheese Cake from De Pastry Chef.....

Darling cutting da cake...

Oo lah's yummylicious...;)

Ekekeke....another shot using da self-timer option...:)

Yippee.....tonight's dinner @ Frangipani..yummmmmmmm......:p

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