Friday, March 03, 2006

I am Back!

Hohoho, i am back! In a blink of eyes, it's now March 2006! Unbeliveable, I'd been missing-in-action for 3 months since da last time i blog. Oh well, I was pretty busy with works and not long after that, it was Chinese New Year and as usual, I was tremendously busy visiting relatives and at da same time busy flying up and down rushing for works. Believe it or not, not long after Chinese New Year, I was down with high fever and i've been sick for da past one week. Sigh...and I am now in da mode of recovering. Holly shit...on and off fever for 5 days and finally, it's all over now. Though it's all over, I am still having problems consuming food. No apetite at all and just feel like throwing out whenever i finished eating. Yikes....I truly hate this feeling! Come on.....get well soon. Nothing much that i hope for but to recover as soonest possible!

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