Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I am Injured

Sob sob....yes, I am injured. This unfortunate incident happened 3 days back when I was about to fetch my mom out to visit her friend staying at USJ. It was drizzling during da time we came out from our house and as far as I can remember.....

  1. Darling was holding my arms when we walked out from da house and he was holding an umbrella on da other hand..
  2. I slipped and darling was trying to hold me tightly so that I won't fall..
  3. Unfortunately, before he could hold me tightly, I dragged him along and he slipped as well..
  4. I fell down and he lost control of himself..
  5. He then fell on me and dragged me to da roadside..
  6. He quickly jump up knowing that he fell on me..

Soon after that...

My knee bleeds non-stop.......:(

It was still bleeding eventhough darling and mom applied antiseptic on my wound....:(

Everyone went panic and mom even suggested that I should see doctor as da wound was quite deep though. Oh no, I wouldn't want to see a doctor at that time and I told them that I will be fine but deep inside me, I was scared and I was in pain. I wanted so much to cry out but I didn't as I know they were already freaked out and worried. I just got to be strong..

3 days later (today)...

Whoa.......recovering.........but it looks so teribble and ugly...:(

Ahhh....not to forget that I hurt my palm too and recovering now.....:(

Oh no, that means, there will be no seafood and black soy sauce for me during this recovering period....sigh....

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