Friday, March 10, 2006

Nanny Mcphee

Is been quite awhile since da last time I blog on movies...yeah, pretty lazy and busy for da past few months but that doesn't stopped me to catch da latest movies in town though :) Nanny Mcphee caught my attention and I thought of to review this movie over here. Well..well..well, this's definitely a good movie for myself. A person like me that's so much into fairy tales, comedies and love stories will never ever miss out Nanny Mcphee!

In Nanny Mcphee, there are 7 extremely naughty and misbehaved childrens under da care of a single father. Yeah, Mr. Brown owns them and obviously, since his wife passed away, he has got no time to take care of da childrens and therefore, he hires nannies to take of them. However, due to da 6 + 1 (Aggy couldn't mess around though as she's still a little baby) naughty-ness and mischievous kids, one by one, 17 nannies come and gone! Ahhh...he no longer able to hire any nannies from da agent anymore and Nanny Mcphee came to da picture.

A very strict nanny carrying her own principle, 'When you need me but do not want me, I must stay & when you want me but no longer need me, I have to go', da kids find themselves stuck to her until she finishes her 5 lessons that she's going to teach. As I remembered, da first lesson was, Go to bed when you're told. In due course, the Brown family, and not just the children, learns four further lessons -- from the prosaic Dress when you are told to the more homiletic more, in true movie fashion, about themselves. After each lesson, Nanny McPhee loses a wart or blemish as her beauty blossoms out of the children's growing love for her and da kids thought that she was using some sort of a good nice cream to cure da ward. That's one hillarious part though...:) Learning Nanny Mcphee lessons sees a drastic change in them. Believe it or not, after all da lessons, they have all become da sweetest and loveable kids.

Nanny Mcphee is a worth-to-watch movie and it's really entertaining from da start till da end. I hardly remember when was da last time I'd a good laugh watching movies and this one definitely da one that can makes me laugh out loud. Thumbs up!

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