Monday, March 13, 2006

Roti Tissue

Is been quite a while since da last time I had a good meal at mamak stalls and I can't really remember when was da last time I dine in mamak stalls. Since I was craving for mamak food, darling then brought me to Steven's Corner, Oug. I ordered Roti Tissue and darling ordered Roti Bakar and yeaps, that's our Saturday's dinner as we were quite overloaded with food after da buffet session at Jogoya, Starhill. Oh well, da roti bakar still taste as good as it's since da very first time I had it many many years back and I was quite surprised that there are many Roti Bakar choices now like stuffed with lambs, chicken and etc. As for my roti tissue, taste darn good too....neway, I've been craving for mamak food lately and whatever mamak food that goes into my mouth it's all taste real good to me! :p

Darling's Roti Bakar....oh oh, it's yum yum....:D yummylicious Roti Tissue.....;)

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