Thursday, March 30, 2006


Apparently our main motive to One Utama last night was to watch Da Shaggy Dog and of course to have dinner as well since da show was at 945pm. Ding-dong up and down, left and right, not knowing what to eat, finally darling brought me to Shogun Da Japanese Buffet Restaurant. Da last time I came here was 2 months back and guess what....they had just increased da price by RM5! Initially, da buffet dinner was priced at RM 43++ and now, it's priced at RM 48++ which somehow it's still cheap compare to other Japanese Buffet Restaurants. Nothing much to shout about except that they have Oyster Omelette which one got to specially order through da Teppanyaki Corner :) I am pretty sure that not many of da diners realised that and how did I managed to come across this little secret? Muahahaha...I guess da cook must have seen us around for few times till there was once, he asked my da other half if he would like to try da Oyster Omelette and since then, we'd been craving for it and to my surprised, we were always da only one asked for it as I realised that each time we ordered it, then only they started to beat da eggs and mix all da ingredients! I guess that's definitely troublesome for da cook and he surely be regretted that he introduced da Oyster Omelette to my da other half :p

Moi charming darling enjoying his very first plate....:)

My first plate of da night...a combination of Salmon Sashimi, Jellyfish, Squid (Oyster Shell), Tamago and Unagi Sushi..

Second plate.....Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Prawn Tempura, Taufu Tempura and Boiled Prawns..

Da Oyster Omelette...yum yum yum.....yummylicious......:D

Da Chawanmushi that I shared with my da other half...:)

Complimentary from's da Baked Oyster and Baked Scallop..

Next, a plate filled with Baked Mussel, Seacucumber Mushroom, Honey Duck and Korean Potato Noodles (my favourite)..'s ice-cream's da Chocolate Swirl Vanilla Ice-Cream with Rum & Raisin Ice-Cream....dip it into da coffee and it taste like a affogato.....yummy ;)

Darling took da Mint Ice-Cream and Chocolate Chip Mint Ice-Cream..

Oh my god, look at that! Darling was eating da Edamame and while he was half-way through, he mentioned to me that da next time I have a bite on da Edamame make sure that I open da soybean and not by biting da whole thing and I was wondering why and told him that I am not going to do that and at da same time, he tried so hard to explained it's for hygiene purpose...still i didn't want to listen to him and continue to act as if I hear nothing till da extend that he had no choice but to show me da worm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes........arggghh.......I guess there will be no more Edamame for me in da just scared me off!!!! :(

After da dinner......:)

Yippee.....time for Da Shaggy Dog ;)

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iztoy said...

Hello there! I went to this restaurant a few months ago, but sadly, I didn't get the chance to take any picture of the foods there, as the one of the staff said it's not allowed :( I'm surprised you managed to get them and now you are making me drooling :P