Friday, March 03, 2006

Thank You, Darling

As I'd mentioned earlier, I was pretty sick for da past one week. Somehow at times, I wonder what would my life be without my da other half. I've never felt that sick before and I hardly remember when was da last time i really felt sick. This time, it's no kidding sickness. My temperature went up and down just like a roller coaster for 5 days. Yes, can you imagine how severe it was? 5 days up and down and still, can't fully recovered. I've actually lost count how many times i ate and there after, vomited. Yikes, i hate it. You know, da feeling of ejecting da contents of the stomach through the mouth, that's real bad. I guess I am really lucky to have my da other half with me to take care of me and and pamper me as if there's no tomorrow. Think of all da minor and major things that he had done for me for da past one week, it really touches my heart. Finally, i can loudly speak out that i am fully recovered now and here I am to express my gratitude towards him. Thank you so much, darling! Haha, oh yes, i am one happy gal now...;)

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