Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Valentine's Day 2006

Yeaps, i know it's one month due and still, I've not give up to post this. I was just too busy :( Oh well, I spent this year Valentine's Day all alone without my da other half. Pity me huh...first time in my life celebrating Valentine's Day without my da other half. No choice though as he was busy with his works and not in town to celebrate this special day with me. Neway, he was kind enough making me happy on that day though he wasn't around..

Back to 14th February 2006, early morning, mom called and told me that there was a bouquet of flowers for me not knowing who was da sender. I puzzled for a moment and I was thinking of why mom accepted it when she didn't know who was da sender. As I questioned her, she finally admitted that my da other half already told her to receive da flowers for me back at home and that da bouquet of roses, definitely from my da other half. Whoa....I was rather happy because I never expect that he will buy me roses as he once told me before that he will only buy me flowers when he's around and will give it to me by himself..it's definitely unexpected. Hohoho... it was past da office hours and I went home and of course I was in a joyful mode. Tadaaaa...when I reached home, I saw this.....

beautiful roses and a giant card from my da other half..:)

and......look at that, it's 3 dozens of heart shape red roses surrounded by 2 dozens of baby blue roses....oh my, that's really sweet of my da other half.....:D

ehehehe.....da little devil with da beautiful roses...it's real huge huh.....thank you, darling!

Well, well, well....it's not that bad after all yeah...:) Then again, dad and mom were kind enough to spent us (my little sista and i) dinner on that day. Bottom line, I still spent Valentine's Day with my love ones.....:D

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