Monday, March 20, 2006

What I did on Saturday?

It's Monday again...and I guess this coming whole week I will be extremely busy though. I shall update that later :)

Lets see whatI did last Saturday. As usual, half-day work for me and that day itself, I left office early as darling was injured and I brought him over to SeaPark to see da chinese physician. I just feel so glad that he's so much better now. As for that afternoon, we had our lunch in Soo Kee Restaurant since we were around that area. As far as I know, Soo Kee has been running the family business for many years (since I was a kid) serving Hor Fun with Prawn Wan Tan and Oyster Sauce Chicken. Believe it or not, after so many years and so many times I revisited da restaurant, they never failed to impress me with their delicious Oyster Sauce Chicken but I was rather shock when da bill came....Oh my god, RM 30.40 for two bowls of Hor Fun with Prawn Wan Tan, a plate of Half Oyster Sauce Chicken and two glasses of Ice Barlee. That's a little bit expensive isn't it?!

Darling and I ordered da 'Dry Hor Fun' instead of da soup version...It's definitely a small portion and for those big-eaters, I don't think that it will be enough for them....:I

Da Prawn Wan Tan...

Look at da yummylicious's heavenly doubt on it! Can you imagine how delicious it's when 2 persons can actually finished this whole plate...:p

Right after lunch, we went home and since darling wasn't capable to walk and he was so eager to watch da Formula 1 Qualifying Session, I then took mom to Matta Fair. Two hours later, we went home and now, it's da most confusing period not knowing when to go and where to go. Ahhh...I shall see what's da outcome....:)

It was already 6pm when mom and I reached home. We then decided to visit my my little nieces at my aunty's place as it has been quite long ago since da last time we looked for them. We had dinner together and it's definitely one enjoyable night for all of us...

Moi and moi's little nieces.....they are my precious...:D

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