Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Banana Cake

I was quite tempted to bake a Banana Cake knowing that my mom likes it and went to da House of Ingredients, bought da Banana Cake Mix and guess's just as easy as learning ABC using da cake mix to bake! Not bad's aromatic and yummy :)


  • 325g Banana
  • 500g Banana Cake Mix
  • 275g Eggs
  • 175g Cooking Oil


  1. Whisk Fresh Banana until Creamy
  2. Add in Eggs and Banana Cake Mix using medium speed and beat for 5 minutes
  3. Lastly add in Oil using slow speed
  4. Baked in pre-heated oven160 degC for 50 minutes (Bottom)

Whisk da Banana until it's creamy....

Add in all da ingredients to da creamy banana and beat for 5 minutes...

Done...ready to be baked!

Tadaaaaaa....after 50's huge...

Da very first bite.......yummyyy.....;)

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