Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good Movie but a Lousy Dinner's movie day again for us and amazingly, we bought our tickets through da Ticket Purchase Option through Oo lah's just so cool! Thumbs up for's just so convenience. Then again, make sure you have credit cards with you, otherwise, this would not be a good option. Our show (Eight Below) was at 945pm and since we need not rush to collect our tickets, we then head to Bandar Utama Centre Point for our dinner. At first, I was rather excited cause looks like it's a new place for me to be discovered. Second glance of that place, errr...nothing much to shout about! Darling and I walked around da new and old CentrePoint and not knowing which restaurant we should go to, I suggested to dine in Pizza Uno. I'd been to da USJ outlet and I must say that, that outlet is just so much better than da one at CentrePoint. Argghhh.....da food not up to my expectation, dull decoration and lousy services as they forgot my pizza!!!!! Boo......

Our Appetiser, Fried Mushroom....not so yummy though. Ermm....I still prefer da one at Italianese, 1Utama and da one at Tgif...

Da Garlic Prawn Pasta...oh man, we ordered da home-made version and we thought that it would be good. Unfortunately, da texture of da fettucines were too thick and trust me, my mom can even make it so much better than that.....yikes, I feel like as if I were chewing flour... :(

Sigh.........they left out my pizza!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhh........that's it, I ain't coming back!

Darling was rather tension knowing that my stomach wasn't full and more likely full with anger! Just so frustrated.....we left and drove to 1Utama for our movie. Luckily, Darling was kind enough to buy me a small waffle and one large set of popcorn to release my dissatisfaction, or else, he may had a hard night as my mood swings....:p

Forget about da dinner and we went into da cinema for Eight Below. A movie that is inspired by a true story, it's about da bond between humans and da eight wonderful dogs. It's a very touching's definitely a good movie!

My favourite actor and his eight wonderful dogs....:)

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