Monday, April 24, 2006

Over Da Weekend

Last weekend was pretty much a quiet weekend though as darling was busy. Busy with his works and with his brother as well. Good news, darling's brother finally back to M'sia. As I'd mentioned earlier, he had a minor stroke in Hong Kong one week ago, he's now partially recovered and it's time for him to rest.

Saturday, went to Sg.Wang. Heard that Sg.Wang's currency exchange counter give da best rate. So, our main motive to Sg. Wang was to exchange Ringgit to Rupiah. Yippee, another 3 days and we will be flying to Bali! Oh before that, we ad late lunch at Teppanyaki Restaurant. There after, shop for toiletries-to be used in Bali :) Done and head back to darling's place to visit his parents. Hohoho....7pm! Dinner time and this time around, darling brought me to TgiFridays, located in Subang Parade. Yum, check out what we'd ordered for dinner..

Always my favourite!!!! Fried Button Mushroom......yummy :)

Darling's main entree, Jack Daniel's Chicken....I guess my da other half wasn't happy as a matter of fact that they served broccoli instead of mix-vegetables.

Moi main entree, da Jack Daniel's Salmon...Oo lah lah, I exchanged half of my salmon with darling's chicken and it was such a perfect combination!

It looks yummylicious but actually it sucks! was really bad. Da brownie was dry and can you imagine how bad it was till I can't even spoon out of it! It's definitely not eat-able. I talked to da manager-on-duty and he apologised. Looks like da next time I dine-in, there will be a free dessert for me...:)

After dinner, darling drove me home and da next day....

Sunday!!! As usual, kicks-off with yoga...wait for parents to wake up, breakfast and I drove them to Midvalley. Thank god, no jam! This time around, shop without my da other half as he got to work. Dad bought a pair of new Nike shoe...truly cool. I love it so much cause it's blue in color...:p Accompanied sister to buy new pants and then accompanied mom to buy some groceries in Jusco Supermarket. Done....time to go home. Passed by Beard Papa..

Ekekeke...bought 2 pcs-one original flavour and another one, chocolate flavour for my sista! Yum.........

Reached home, went to pasar malam and bought economy fried beehoon for dinner...:) A tiring day, ZzzzZzzzz...

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