Friday, April 14, 2006

Water Spirit (Da Nun)

Warning..warning..warning! Water Spirit not suitable for pregnant women and da faint hearted? Muahahahaha, I doubt so...

Darling: What movie are we watching? (*walking from car park to GSC 1Utama*)
Me: Ermm....Da Wild? Da Producers? Water Spirit?!!!
Darling: Da Wild? Another version of Madagascar? I doubt it will be a good one..
Me: Like that huh.....why not Water Spirit? (*wink wink wink*)
Darling: Erghhhh.....up to you. You sure you can take it? It's a horror film you know!
Me: I think da one who can't take it is you! (*pointing finger at darling*)
Darling: Can lah....we shall queue for da tickets then...(*sweating*)
Me: I did reserved da tickets for Water Spirit...need not queue for da tickets...:p
Darling: Whoa.....ok, we go collect da tickets then...

Collected da tickets and we walked to Johnny's Restaurant located at 1Utama Old Wing for its Thai Steamboat....

After dinner, it was already 930pm and we walked back to da cinema to watch Water Spirit. first, da show kicks off interestingly with a group of girls in a Boading Catholic School in Europe murdered da nun and 18 years later, da nun revengeful spirit kill da girls one by one. I was somehow scared of this ghostly nun/spirit in da beginning and then it da scared-ness transformed into laughter when one of da characters (Joel..Joal?Aahhh...I can't remember his name though) relate the incident to other horror flicks and when he said, 'I know what you did 18 years ago', it was somehow darn funny rather than scary...:p It's not a very good show to be watched but if you intend to know how da nun died and how da girls being murdered one by one by da ghostly nun/spirit 18 years later...then, watch it :)

Da casts of Water Spirit......;)

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