Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Zipangu @ Shangri-La Hotel

Time flies and it's Sunday again. Sunday means food.... food... food... and this time around, Darling and I indulged ourselves at Shangri-La Hotel KL’s award-winning Zipangu Restaurant for its Easter Day Japanese Buffet. Priced at RM 88++ per pax, there's nothing much to shout about.! Perhaps my expectation was too high? Ermm.... I don't think so as I'd been to many Japanese Buffets and if I were to compare with others, it's definitely not worth that price. Oh oh, even my da other half said da same thing too-not worth it, limited options, served Boh-Tea instead of Green-Tea and we got to sit at da bar to eat! See... I am not da only one complaining. Give me Genji Restaurant @ Hilton Hotel, PJ anytime! Fresh Sashimis, Hot Sukiyaki, Fine Tempuras, Japanaese Pizza, Yummylicious Macha Ice-Creams.... exactly what a Japanese Buffet should be like. Check out da photos..

Oysters maniac. Comparable with those at Jogoya and Genji with da special sauce that's provided at da counter. In terms of size, it's not comparable.....:I

Hmmm.....always kick-off with Sashimis and Oysters...:)

Next..... Lamb Shank, Broccoli Salad, Stirred Fried Asparagus with Sausage, Unagi, Sushis, Squid..

Then, Sukiyaki and Tempuras.... ahhh da Sukiyaki is not hot at all and there's no egg! No no to da Prawns Tempura as there were so much of flours.... Bad.... :I

My all time favourite, Cold Soba! Self-service by my da other half.....yummylicious!

Dessert time! Sinfully good though....

Yes, that's it! Boooo.......no ice-creams at all! Really bad....

Da Little Monster with her da other half and guess what, we aren't coming back for its buffet.... No Macha Ice-Creams, not even a normal one! Served cheap Boh-Tea instead of Green-Tea! Just so not up to a Japanese Buffet Standard.... Boooooooooo........


Yip said...

Hi there meiyen. Love your blog alot as it had alot of nice place for good food. About Zipangu. Erm.. Actually you can order the ice cream by asking the waitress. Their ice cream is very nice esp the strawberry and wasabi icecream. Maybe you went on the wrong day as normally the service is very good and if you go on a la carte at night the place will glow in very good lighting and have one of the best atmosphere.

Regarding bout green tea . I dont think they serve it at all. lolx.. But u should try their coffee on ur next visit as its the best. :p .

Zipangu is bad cz they dont tell u what is available and what u have to do is ask. But normally I love to go on weekday cz their sashimi is so nice that I took their sashimi moriwase. And must bring along wiith Shang card if you want the 50% disc when u go with ur Bf and remember that the card valid on normal days. including sat sunday and dont go during eve and on the day of every festive season as the discount does not apply. Hehe. Thanks alot for ur blog as it intro me to lotsa new place. Think its time to try out some myself now.

MeiyeN said...

hi yip, thanks for visiting! i think for all da jap buffets that i had before, da best still kampachi @ hotel equatorial kl and genji @ hilton pj.. da rest, not that good though :) hope that you enjoy reading my blog and do come back yeah! :D