Friday, May 05, 2006

Back from Bali

Four days, three nites has gone too fast and I am back from Bali. I truly missed Bali so much! I missed spending those free and easy days with my beloved family and my darling. It was definitely one heavenly good trip for all of us and thanks to my beloved parents, my little sista and my darling for giving me such a memorable moment.

Rembering da very 1st day to Bali.....everybody woke up as early as 5am to catch da flight at 11am. I guess everybody was rather excited and energetic to wake up at that hour. Double check all our luggages and da KLIA Limousine arrived at 645am. One must be thinking that it was rather early since our flight was at 11am. Trust me, that was definitely da best time to avoid da massive jam since it was a working-day (Thursday) on da day that we depart ourselves to Bali. Reached LCCT (flying with Air-Asia) at 8am and we checked-in our luggages. From my very own opinion, I think that LCCT isn't that bad despite all da bad comments that I read through from da newspaper a couple of weeks back. One must understand that it's a low cost carrier terminal and obviously you are paying less to fly...there's always a price to pay for a better services isn't it? :) After checked-in our luggages, we had our breakfast and not long after that, time to checked-in ourselves and 3 hours later, we reached Bali!

Staying at Mercure Kuta Bali, all meals included, tour to BarongDance, TraditionalMarket, TanahLot, Kintamani, TanjongBenoa, TurtleIsland, Ubud, Uluwatu, Jimbaran plus 2.5 Hours Spa priced at RM 1,300.00 per pax (including air-fare) what else can you ask for? Good breakfast in da hotel every morning, interesting lunch and dinner with beautiful scenery each time, it's definitely worth it! Having my beloved family and my da other half around, it's one perfect vacation for me. For as long as I live, this sweet memories will always be kept in my heart and I wouldn't trade it for anything....

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I shall return to Bali when da right time comes.....;)

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