Thursday, May 25, 2006

I saw J**N

Believe it or not, I saw J**n 2 hours back. Oh, I should have some introduction on this person before I story more. Apparently he was my good friend's boyfriend and according to my good friend, he's now her ex-boyfriend and merely a normal friend to her. Basically, there were lotsa up and down in da past between him and my good friend or maybe, it's just another never ending story. However, I can't reveal much here as a respect to my good friend and I believe that those who are close to her definitely have an idea what I am trying to story up here.

My good friend will be leaving to Singapore to work in a week time and I am happy for her because she's going there for good. At da same time, I am upset too and I believe that I won't be da only one feeling sad. I am sure my best friend (YT) too will have this mix feelings as our good friend will be far away from us. If is not J**n, she will not suffer this way till da extend to leave this country. If is not J**n, her life would not be as miserable as now. If is not J**n, everything will be so different. As a matter of fact, I hate J**n. He did so much to hurt my good friend and yet my good friend still protecting him! Oh god....

Unvelievably, when I saw him just now, I didn't even say hi to him. For sure he saw me too and I just couldn't bring myself to him and say hi. Da moment I saw him, there were so much anger inside me. I text my good friend and my best friend at da same time telling them that I saw J**n. To my surprised, my good friend asked me if I did talk to him and she even mentioned that today is his birthday and asked me to wish him Happy Birthday. I was shocked! How can she asked me to talk to him and wish him Happy Birthday when he had done so much to hurt her? Love is so blind. I just couldn't understand why until today she still care fo him when he had hurt her so much and to my understanding, he's still hurting her now! I am speechless...

I am really speechless.........:(

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