Friday, June 30, 2006

Fish & Co. @ 1 Utama

While on da way to 1 Utama for Superman Returns..

Me: Darling, what to eat for dinner?

Darling: Chinese food!!!!

Me: Again?

Darling: Actually I am not too sure what to eat. But, I have to answer you something or else, you will scold me for not answering you :p

Me: Huh? Hmmmm... (wondering am I really that fierce)

1 minute later..

Me: B, what you wanna eat? (B (shortcut for baby but she's no longer a baby now, she has grown up and she's now at da age of 18) = My Sista)

Sista: Anything will do :)

Me: Ok then. Fish & Co. ;)

Fish & Co. ; Seafood In a Pan!

As for drinks, sis and I had da Lemon Zest as they are now having a promotion; 1- for 1 deal! Priced at RM 5.50, it's their latest home-made creation drink, a combination of lemon and sprite. Not too bad though. Loved it!

We shared da Garlic & Lemon Butter Sauce Mussels. Priced at RM 14.90, not very much to my liking though as I think da Mussels were not fresh.

A basket of Baguette that comes together with da Mussels. Dip into da lemon butter sauce, yummy!

Sauces for our Main Course. Ermmm.. I think they are rather stingy! Such a little portion for 3 persons? Look at da Garlic, no good!

As for Main Course, each set comes together with Mixed Vegetables and Chips/Rice. Sis had da Sweet & Sour Fish. Priced at RM 16.90, it's a combination of Dory Fish fried and topped with sweet and sour sauce. I didn't try out sis's portion but she loved it alot though :)

Darling had da Corriander Catch; grilled Dory fish marinated with corriander sauce. He didn't want da chips, so he took da rice instead. Priced at RM 19.90, my other half had nothing to complain and he said, it was good though.

I had da Wrasse Fillet. Priced at RM 22.90, it was da seasonal catch, grilled and served with tangy spicy sauce. Da mixed vegetables were tasteless and I didn't quite like it. Ooppss, I think it's a little bit pricey compare to darling and sis's portion.

One bite and you're hooked? I doubt so :) Da food not so up to my expectation though and it's definitely not cheap!..

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Eliza Chin said...

Recently, I dine in this outlet.

To my disappointment, they roundup the bill and charged more on govt tax.

Total amt before tax is RM40.70. 10% service tax RM4.07 and govt tax is RM2.24 (Counted it as 5.5%). Brief counting on the charges should be RM47.01 but they round-up the bill became RM47.05. Total overcharge is 24.5 cents. I asked the waiter, he just smiled and acted nothing can be done about it.

Just to highlight to you guys to look carefully at the details of the bill before paying them.

Now it is not Jimat & Senang Kira...
Merchants are trying to Kira More..