Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ice Cream Fever

It has been so freaking hot these few days till da extend that I thought I was having fever. While having air-conditioner around doesn't help much either, darling and I keep on looking for things to cool off and we'd been indulging ourselves with ice creams last weekend :)

Yummy yummy yummy! It's da Banana Split from Haagen-Dazs @ Bsc and believe it or not, darling and I had it for free! Free in da sense of using da vouchers that I'd redeemed from my credit card's points. I guess, it's still considered as my own money huh...spent too much and that leads to so many points till I can redeem so many eateries' vouchers. Anyway, if it wasn't because I had da vouchers with me, most probably I got to pay RM 21 for da Banana Split if I am not mistaken.

Da next day, we then went to Swensens @ SS2, PJ for ice creams..

I had Strawberry Stripes which is priced at RM 14.90. Strawberry and Vanilla flavour with lotsa pistachios, almonds and strawberries in it... absolutely delicious!

Darling ordered da Fudge Sundae which is priced at RM 8.90. I didn't try out darling's ice cream as I was overload with da Strawberry Stripes that I had earlier and therefore, I can't comment much here... :)

Hohohoho....we will be back for its Earthquake and it has to be on a Tuesday cause it's 50% off da normal price ;)

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