Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ Midvalley

Last Sunday, having nothing much to do, I dragged my other half to Midvalley and obviously, I'd an intention; MNG is having sales! Ekekekeke... Initially, da day before, we went to MNG Sunway Pyramid but I only managed to buy 2 blouses out of dozens of clothes that I tried out. Having no enough satisfaction, that was how me and my other half ended up again at MNG Midvalley. Yippee, managed to buy 1 tube top and 1 long sleeve blouse. Thank you darling for waiting me patiencely and buying me da clothes. *mUaKs*

Oh oh, by da time we walked out from MNG, it was close to dinner time and since I was craving for Chicken, I suggested darling to eat at Kenny Rogers Roasters. He was rather shocked knowing that I wanted to eat at Kenny Rogers Roasters and repeatedly asked me a few times, 'Are you sure?'. Of course I am sure. I believe that most of da people around here must have been to Kenny Rogers Roasters and basically there's actually nothing special as it's just another fast-food joint. To me, it's rather different because I hardly go for fast food and it only happens once in a blue moon. As long as I can remember, da last time I stepped into a Kenny Rogers Roasters outlet was like 2 years ago. Pretty long time ago isn't it? :)

What a temptation! Kenny Rogers Roasters having da world's greatest Chicken with less fat, less salt, less calories! ;)

Darling ordered da Kenny's Quarter Chicken Meal. Priced at RM 13.90, it comes with a Roasted 1/4 Chicken with 3 Side Dishes and 1 Kenny's Home-made Muffin. For da Side Dishes, darling opted da Macaroni & Cheese, Green Salad and Potato Salad.

I had da same set meal as my other half, Kenny's Quarter Chicken Meal with another 3 different side dishes, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Beans and Sweet Corns with Carrots.

To end our meal, we had da yummy Chocolate Muffins. Ooooo yummylicious!

*Burp.. yum yum... :)


Tiffany said...

Make me feel so sad :( MNG sales yet i cant go and grab as much as i can. My hubby dont let me go down to KL due to my big baby belly. *sob sob*

Meiyen said...

gosh.... of course you can't go! it's so stuffy and crowded.. my bf was sweating all da way while i almost fainted muahahaha... i can't imagine to see a pregnant lady over there...:p hot mommy!

LayfuN said...

so big sales huh? MNG.. i never got a pcs of blouse there b4 due to my big big body size.. muz slim down and go there to shop with u one day!!

Meiyen said...

aiksss...not all da clothes are small in size wey... trust me, there are plenty of clothes in MNG that suits you..

LayfuN said...

oh.. okay okay.. i shall go to explore it one day!! >.^