Monday, June 12, 2006

Saturday's Brunch @ Bakerzin, 1 Utama

On and off, I oftenly walk-passed this place and each time, there will be a question to my da other half, 'When are we going to have a first stop over here?'. Finally, last Saturday, was da day darling and I had brunch at Bakerzin, 1 Utama. Quite good environment I must say and it's definitely a great place for da gals to hang out. Once seated, we were given da menu. Oh boy, da first few pages of da menu; desserts and desserts and desserts! I looked through da menu while darling laugh out loud as a matter of fact that he knows I will be clueless not knowing what to order as there were plenty of desserts selection. Anyway, I can't just have desserts for brunch and hence I'd decided to order:-

Da Power Breakfast Set which priced at RM 25.00. Da set comes together with 2 pcs of Toasted Bread, 2 slices of Ham, 2 Poached Eggs, 2 Sausages, Sauteed Mushrooms, Salad and 1 cup of Coffee/Tea of your own choice with 1 glass of Fresh Orange Juice. Sad to say that it's da worst breakfast set I ever had! Da poached eggs tasted like rotten eggs. That's not bad enough... when I asked for Chili Sauce, da waiter told me that their Chili Sauce were out of stock! How can that happened to a well-known cafe? I am really speechless! I must say that Delicious Cafe's Breakfast up till today still da best!

Here comes my coffee. I'd da Cafe Latte and thank god it was good. Special creation with a Heart Shape...

Since my Breakfast Set comes together with drinks, I asked darling not to order any other drinks as I definitely can't finish up da second drink. Since I wanted da Cafe Latte, without choice, my da other half got to have da Orange Juice. I am not too sure how good da Orange Juice was because I was rather busy complaining on da Breakfast Set!

Darling ordered da Baked Avocado Crab Meat Salad. Interesting isn't it? Avocado has been my darling's favourite and I knew that he definitely wouldn't miss to order it. Good presentation and it's priced at RM 21.00. Very good taste, yummy but a little bit pricey as it was in a very small portion.

Knowing that I wasn't happy with my Breakfast Set, darling was kind enough to order desserts for me hoping that there will be a turning point at least because I told him that it will be my first and last time to dine-in. At first, he wanted to order da Desserts Tapas for me but then later, I changed my mind, walked to da counter and choose 2 different types of Cakes. Da first selection was da Tiramisu which is priced at RM 7.90. It's good and yummylicious but still, it's not comparable with Delicious Cafe's Tiramisu.

Next, we had da Fraisier which is priced at RM 8.90. Apparently, like Tiramisu, Fraisier is one of da many famous french pastries whereby it's made of layers of Vanilla Cake, Pastry Cream, Buttercream and Fresh Strawberries. Yummyyyyyy.......

Will there be a next stop at Bakerzin? Perhaps, another outlet or maybe I will just drop by for its desserts...

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