Friday, June 23, 2006

Security System @ Shopping Malls

Believe it or not, I found myself living in fear these days. How I wish that Malaysia is a crime-free country but that will only be in my dreams! If you reads newspaper everyday, you will be able to notice that there will be at least one rape case and what about those cases that's not reported or mentioned in da news? A week back, an air-stewardess was abducted and raped twice as stated in da newspaper. Da incident took place exactly three years after Canny Ong was abducted from BSC, raped and killed. However as for da recent rape case, nobody seems to know where it happened as it's not mentioned in da news and newspaper. Pathetic! But rumours has it all, I was told by my best friend that da incident took place at a famous and popular shopping mall at Petaling Jaya. Ahh... I definitely have no guts to reveal da name of da shopping mall. After all, it's a rumour! I do not want to be arrested for spreading rumours...
I've been very careful, cautious and alert whether I am alone or with my other half going into a shopping mall's car park. After what happened at BSC three years ago, I found out that their security system is so much better now. At least, I can see that more security guards are hired and round da car park area rather than having no security guards at all as compare to other shopping malls. Bear in mind, I am not here to tarnish da image of any other shopping malls but I think da management should really do something to ensure that not only to have CCTV systems installed, but also it has to be closely monitored.
Yesterday, darling and I were at One Utama for movie, "Stay Alive" and when we reached da car park (new wing) at 8pm, we saw no security guards at all on patrol! We round each floor of da car park area to look for parking and at last, we found one security guard. However, he looks more like a rapist than a security guard. Looks like he was pretty much enjoying his job, having his ciggarette smoking and walking around day dreaming rather than to ensure shoppers' safety. After da movie, it was already 11pm. While on da way back to take our car, again, there were no security guards at all at da car park area. Pathetic! We were told to be cautious but I guess being cautious is not enough at all. I can guarantee that at that moment, if shit happens and I shout for Help, nobody will be able to rescue me. One floor to another, again, we saw no security guards at all. VERY POOR SECURITY SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!
To da gals out there, it's no longer safe to shop alone. Da best is, get someone to go with you. You have to protect yourself as it's your own life don't risk it!

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LayfuN said...

ya right my dear.. we all really have to be extra carefull.. there is no more safe there..

i went to meet up with a guy fren at JB last saturday.. he also mentioned to me for so many times that DO NOT bring handbag.. so i bring myself a sling bag lor.. still he ask me "didn't i ask u not to bring handbag?" and i answered him this is a sling bag, not a handbag.. then he was speechless and asked me not to bring any bag next time..

rapists, snatches are everywhere, if we do not do something to protect ourselves, who will be there for us if bad things happened? right?

so gals, be extremely alert and carefull!!!