Friday, June 16, 2006

Shanghainese Feel @ Dragon-I, 1 Utama

As Da Fast and Da Furious saga continues, yesterday, darling and I were at 1 Utama to catch da movie whereby this time around, da movie was set in Japan and it's all about da drift that takes place right in the heart of the sexy and underground world of Tokyo. Hohohoho... after collected da tickets that I'd reserved 3 days ago, we then went to Dragon-I Restaurant for dinner. Believe it or not, yesterday was da first time I stepped in to Dragon-I. First of all, I don't really fancy Chinese Cuisine except for Mom's Cooking and so happened yesterday, darling was craving for Chinese Food and I guess that was how both of us ended up having dinner at da famous open-kitchen concept outlet.

Here we are at Dragon-I, 1 Utama. Looking at da front cover of da menu; there were four main chinese characters written on da left side, Long De Chuan Ren which means Descendent of Dragon. On the right hand side, there were five chinese characters read La Mien Xiao Long Bao which means Pull Noodle Small Dragon Bun??? Ekekekekekeke.....

Check out da history of La Mien

Da Open-Kitchen Concept @ Dragon-I with many supa busy Chefs inside..

How can one dine-in without ordering da famous Xiau Long Bao? Apparently, it's commonly referred as Soup Dumpling which is one of da finest Chinese delicacy. I must say that this Xiao Long Bao is definitely worth a try as it’s something you don’t really get it everywhere plus it's only priced at RM 8.00 per basket. Yummy...

When my da other half browsed through da menu, he showed me da Shanghai Smoked Fish which we think it's quite uncommon. Smoked Fish?? I'd heard of Smoked Salmon but never a Smoked Fish before. Hence, without thinking much, darling ordered it. Priced at RM 12.00, it was a little bit disappointing as a matter of fact that it came in a very small portion. However, da Smoked Fish was well marinated and taste very good :)

I had da La Mien with Mixed Meat and Dried Shrimp in Spicy Soup which is priced at RM 12.00. Hmmm... da broth was tasty, very much to my liking and I love da noodles' texture. Springy and da best of it, it's hand-made! Pull and pull and pull...... ;)

As for my da other half, he ordered da La Mien with Onion Oil which is priced at RM 10.00. Da noodles of course pretty much da same as mine except for da soup base which was not spicy at all. Darling gave thumb up for this :)

Do drop by this place if you feel like having Chinese Food with Shanghainese feel to fill your tummy....;)

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