Monday, July 31, 2006

All Day Breakfasts @ Dome

A couple of weeks back when we had our dinner at Dome KLCC, we found out that they came up with a new All Day Breakfasts menu hence last Saturday, darling suggested to have brunch at Dome, 1 Utama to try out their Hot Breakfast Specials. Darling and I ordered da same Big Breakfast Set but with different way of cooking da eggs. Priced at RM 23 per plate, I must say that it was so much better than da one at Bakerzin.

Moi's Big Breakfast Set which came with 2 Poached Eggs (yummy, always my favourite!), Grilled Chicken Ham, Toasted Bread, Sauteed Mushrooms, Grilled Tomato, Hash Brown and Chipolatas. Oopppss... you must be thinking where are da Chipolatas huh? It was actually placed under da Chicken Ham. Oh fyi, da Big Breakfast Set was quite big in portion and I didn't manage to finish up everything.

For me, it will never be a perfect Breakfast Set without a glass of Cafe Latte :p :p :p Priced at RM 8.75, I am still wondering why it has to be .75 and why not .70 or maybe .80 Hmmmm.... can somebody enlighten me on this? ;)

Oo lah lah, here comes darling's Big Breakfast Set! Can you spot da difference between darling's breakfast set with mine? Kekeke.... he had da Sunshine Eggs instead of Poached Eggs while on his plate, you can actually easily spot da Chipolatas. Darling and I definitely loved da Chipolatas; a very small thin Italian Sausages flavored with Chives, Cloves, Coriander, Thyme and Red Pepper which also called as Italian Little Fingers. Yummy!

While I had Cafe Latte, darling had da Twinnings English Breakfast Tea.

Muahahahahaha... Yes, it's my creation from da left over Poached Egg Yolks, Hash Brown and Toasted Breads! A Happy Smiley Face :) Ekekekekekeke...

Hey people, da Big Breakfast Set is highly recommended! Do try it... ;)


LayfuN said...

aiks.. looks so good.. wondering if DOME @ Singapore also having the same items.. muz go and check it out one day... haha!!!

Meiyen said...

yeah yeah...go check it out... love da breakfast so much! Breakfastlicious muahahahahaha...:p

LayfuN said...

wow.. another new vocab.. breafastlicious..