Thursday, July 27, 2006

Birthday Dedication to Joey

As mentioned earlier, yesterday was Joey's Birthday and if you are not aware, Joey is my darling's niece a.ka. his 'Kai-Lui' :) Happy 2nd Birthday Joey!

A Birthday Message from Joey's beloved Daddy & Mommy

Joey, da Birthday Gal :)

My Darling and his 'Kai-Lui', Joey

Moi with Little Joey and her favourite Teddy Bear :)

Darling and I with Little Joey

Winnie Da Pooh Birthday Cake for Joey

My home-made Teddy Bear Longan Jelly for Joey :)

Darling's Brother and his wifey with Jessica and Joey

Da Birthday Gal with her lovely Birthday Cake

Joey and Jessica

Da Wan's Family; Darling's Parents and his Bro's Family :)

Da Kids with Little Joey

Amazing... can you believe that a 2 year old baby actually knows how to blow da candles' flame off? It's just so amazing :)

Time to cut da cake :)

Apparently, I love da cake so much and it reminds me of.....

Da Birthday Cake that darling bought for me last year!

Hey hey, no kidding, da cake rocks!! Yummmmmmy! ;)


LayfuN said...

such a HUGE birthday cake she has got ler.. so envy her.. haha!! well.. happy belated birthday to the cute little Joey!!!

J said...

Haha - so cute....
The cake looks so much bigger than your niece!

Meiyen said...

oopss.... joey isn't my niece :) she's my darling's niece.. she's definitely adorable yeah...;)

LayfuN said...

ur soon-to-be niece ler... hahahaha!!!