Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Candlelight Dinner @ Revolving Bintang Restaurant, The Federal Hotel

In conjunction with our 2nd year anniversary, as in me and my other half being together for 2 years, my other half brought me to da first ever revolving restaurant, Bintang Restaurant on da 18th floor of The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur. With a panoramic view of the city's skyline, a million glittering stars and a romantic candlelight dinner, needless to say, it was definitely one of da many wonderful nights for both us.

A Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Dining high up on da sky with beautiful KL city view

It takes about one hour to revolve full circle and here's da glittering Menara KL

A Toast To Our Memories of Yesterday & Da Promises of Tomorrow

Happy 2nd Anniversary To Us & Many Happy Returns!

Surprise surprise surprise from Darling :)

A song that I will never ever forget....

That was da moment that you held my hand for da very first time....

DREAM OF ME by Kirsten Dunst

Let me sleep

For when I sleep I dream that you are here

You're mine

And all my fears are left behind

I floatOn air

The nightingale sings gentle lullabies

So let me close my eyes

And sleep A chance to dream

So I can see the face I long to touchto kiss

But only dreams can bring me this

So let the moon shine softly on the boy I long to see

And maybe when he dreams, he'll dream of me

I hide beneath the clouds

And whisper to the evening stars

They tell me love is just a dream away, dream away

I'll dream away...

So let the moon shine softly on the boy I long to see

And maybe when he dreams, he'll dream of me

Oh...dream of me


jessiewoo said...

Happy Annniversary My Jimui ... wishing you the best and many anniversary to come yeah ... "wedding anniversary" keke

LayfuN said...

Happy Anniversary...

so.. b4 the wedding anniversary.. im actually waiting for ur wedding invitation ler.. when???? muahahhaa!! i wanna be ur jimui gang de wor.. ok?

all the best to the love birds *meiyen & honkit*

Meiyen said...

thank you for all da wishes my jimuis! invitation? ermmm....hopefully by year 2008 :) and of course, you will be my jimui gang!!!! u have to come back to kl no matter where you are at that time okay? promise me yeah.....

LayfuN said...

PROMISE!!! no worries.. no matter where i am.. i will definately come back for ur big day!!! this is my promise to u!!! >.^

Meiyen said...

thank you so much, my dear! *mUaKs*