Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Happy and a Sad Birthday for Michelle

Last Sunday was my niece, Michelle's 2nd Birthday. Happy Birthday, sweetie! There was a small celebration back at aunty's place which kicked-start with home-cooked Dinner at 7pm and right after that, it was party time for da kids. It was so happening back at aunty's place as my cousins were all around and including my family, altogether there were more than 15 people in a house! Lol.. da dining table can't even fit all of us and we were separated into two groups to have dinner. Such a big big family....

Michelle with her TeddyBear Jelly Cake :)

Hohohoho... it's time for Michelle to open her present!

Oooooo... it's a Magnetic Drawing Board from my other half, sis and I :)

Michelle was rather curious and can't wait to take out da Drawing Board :)

My little sista teaching Michelle to draw.....

My nephew, Vincent and My favourite niece, Maggie (Michelle's sista) enjoying every bites of their Seaweed Potato Chips...

It was supposed to be one enjoyable celebration but later at night, things changed and it turned out to be a sad birthday celebration rather than a happy one. Something really bad happened and that incident still haunt me up till today :( My favourite niece was somehow being abused by her own father and it happened so fast and it was a shocked to everybody. No deny, my niece is a very active kid. Running up and down, screaming here and there, fooling and playing around.. it's all her daily's activities and what happened at that time, she was sitting next to her father on da floor while playing my mom's high heels. She wore it and stepped on her father. Her father went mad and angry, twisted her ear till she stood up, slapped her and kicked her twice. I almost fainted when I saw that. I guess we were all rather shocked by what happened as it happened too fast! Da next second, my uncle (Mei Chi's grandpa) stood up and pushed Mei Chi's father away and threatened to kicked him out from da house if he ever do that again. It was such a big havoc! That was not bad enough! My uncle was very angry too and scolded Mei Chi and then again, she was being pushed until she fell down :(

I couldn't understand how can they do this to a 6 year old kid. It's a sin to do that!!! Mom was very much heartbroken seeing my niece in tears and she quickly brought her into da room and find out if she was okay and fine. Thank god, she was fine and that she had little bruises on her leg. It's a very good lesson to all. From this incident, I learnt that a woman plays a very important role in a family. Da father was very tired due to work and yet da mother (my cousin) did nothing and never look after da kids and expect da father to look after da kids. Due to this, da father was very moody and depressed. So, whenever he has to look after da kids, he wouldn't be happy and that's why my niece was being abused! Oh my god, I just hope that my niece will learn her lesson and be good!


jessiewoo said...

is sad to hear this actually it suppose to be a happy celebration and it turns da other way round ... kids no doubt is naughty and active n need to cane but then not to da extend of kick lor ... i hope his father will learn his lesson well ... moi u dun sad sad yeah

LayfuN said...

:( :( :( im sad to know bout this.. n i know u muz be feeling 10x sad then all of us.. i hope everbody has learnt their lesson and i hope this wont happened again in the future..