Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Second Anniversary To Us

To My One and Only Darling,
Two sweet and awesome years we've been together,
We are still very much in love with each other,
We have had our minor wars which I only get to experience it with you,
Yet none of our hearts could move away,
Thank you for loving me unconditionally,
Thank you for pampering me all this while,
Thank you for all da sacrifices,
Thank you for being da love of my life,
Without you, there will be no sunshines and rainbows,
You've made a wonderful world for me!
Lots of Love from,


jessiewoo said...

Happy Anniversary To Both of U and many years to come ...

To Meiyen,

Control your temper yeah ... :P

To Bob,

Dun pamper Meiyen too much ... :P

So when shall we go for the Buffet in Nikko Hotel??

Love Joe Jessie Jasmine

Meiyen said...

wey....my temper is not that bad :p

da buffet, wat about this sunday? ;)

LayfuN said...

Happy Anniversary to MeiYen & Bob!!!

May both of you stay happily ever after!!!

With Love,