Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Italiannies @ Da Curve

Last Saturday, we were at Da Curve again for dinner at Italiannies. I guess this will be da last post for Italian food, at least for a month or most probably longer than that as we will be mourning for France :(

Inside Italiannies @ Da Curve. My oh my, I love this Chandelier!

Bottomless Coke Light for me and it's bloody expensive! RM 6.80?? I thought I supposed to have more than 3 cans of this Coke Light to worth that price but unfortunately, I managed to drink up 2 cans only. Sigh...

Whenever I had da chance to dine at Italiannies, Stuffed Mushrooms is a must! I just can't resist to have this yummylicious Appetizer. Priced at RM 19.90, da Mushrooms Caps were oven roasted, stuffed with Three-Italian Cheeses with fresh Spinach & Herbs and Italian Chicken Sausage. Absolutely yummy and compare to da one I had before at da 1 Utama branch, I must say that da one that serves at Da Curve taste so much better! Yum yum... :D

As I wanted to eat Pasta so much, hence, Angel Hair Pomodoro was chosen. Oh my god, I loved it, I loved it, I loved it! I defnitely love da texture of this pasta. However, my da other half commented that it was not that tasty and to him, it was just another plain normal pasta. Perhaps, I prefer food which has mild taste. Priced at RM 20.90, da Pasta came with chopped Red Tomatoes and sauteed with Garlic in a light Tomato Basil Sauce. Oh boy, it was such a huge portion and I think it can easily feed at least 3 persons.

Besides having pasta, darling ordered da Chicken Milanese as well which is priced at RM 32.90. Oo lah lah, it was real good where by da Boneless Grilled Chicken Breast was served over Cream Spinach and topped with Tomato Capper Relish.

Darling's creation. Angel Hair Pasta with Chicken Milanese :) Yum yum!

Da dinner eventually left both of us with a filling stomach till da extend that there were no space at all for Dessert and I think we somehow finished up 4 persons' meal. So people, this will be da last post of Italian food and I shall be back with pastas or pizzas when da right time comes as I am currently mourning for France.


LayfuN said...

mourning for France... muahahahahhaa!!! are u sure r? :p

Meiyen said...

:p :p no kidding! call me crazy but that's something that i wanna do for zidane! :)

LayfuN said...

okok... i will respect ur choice.. haha!!