Saturday, July 08, 2006

La Gourmet House @ Da Curve

There was no Yoga Class for me yesterday night as my instructor was still away in UK. Hence, darling brought me out for dinner and instead of watching Just My Luck starred by my favourite idol, Lindsay Lohan on Thursday, we watched it yesterday at Cathay Cineplex as da rest of da GSC cinemas' seats were all fully reserved. Before da movie started, we had dinner at La Gourmet House, Da Curve. Lets check out what we had...

Da Menu

We ordered da Shitake Mushroom Soup which mentioned; only fresh Japanese Shitake Mushroom are used in this home-made recipe and it's only available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Priced at RM 8.80, I must say that it was absolutely good! Slurp... loved it!

Darling ordered da Dinner Set; Herbed Marinated Roasted Chicken Leg with Beans & Rice Pilaf. Priced at RM 27.80, it was accompanied with one Cold Lemon Tea. Darling loved it very much though. One word, good! :)

As for myself, I had da Sausage & Pasta which is priced at RM 18.90. It came with 2 Chicken Sausages tossed with Balsamico and Olive Oil while da Pasta were topped with Mozzarella Cheese and Pesto. Da sausages were real good and da pasta was yummy!! Loved it, loved it!

As I was craving for cakes after da dinner and sadly, there were not much of cakes selection at La Gourmet, we walked to Secret Recipe instead as we still had much time before da movie.

Darling didn't want any cakes that has Chocolates in it, therefore, I opted Blueberry Cheesecake for him and guess what? It's only priced at RM 5.30 per pc and that's for a Cheesecake! Definitely the cheapest I ever had and it was delicious!

I had da Cocoa Mocha which also priced at RM 5.30 per pc. Loved it, loved it! I love da spongy and creamy texture of this cake. Yummyyyy....;)

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