Monday, July 17, 2006

My News Cafe @ 1 Utama

Last Saturday, I was on Mc leave as a result of not feeling very well and I insisted that I wanted to go out to have brunch rather than to sit at home :p Ahhh... I am just not that kind of person that can sit still at home. If I am not working, I will either be very busy going out, baking or doing some light exercise or yoga at home. Since I was not feeling well and just recovered from a high fever, darling suggested to eat non-heaty food and since we have yet to dine at MyNewsCafe, we thought of giving it a try.

I had Ice Lemon Tea while darling had Apple Carrot Juice. If I am not mistaken, both share da same price; RM 4 per glass. Da Ice Lemon Tea was very good though :)

Darling had da Cantonese Yee Mee. Priced at RM 8.90, it came with lotsa vegetables, crabmeats, fish paste and etc. My other half said that it was good. Anyways, we can actually order da same thing at any hawker food stalls having da same amount of noodles and ingredients with a much cheaper price :p Agree?

I had da Ipoh Keow Teow Soup/Ipoh Hor Fun. Priced at RM 7.90, it came with lotsa Seaweeds, Vegetables, Chicken Meat, Mushrooms and Crabsticks. It was quite okay though but find da soup a little bit oily. Yikes, I don't like oily stuff!

Overall, da food was quite okay and da ambience of da Cafe was good. You can grab and read almost all kinds of magazines from fashion to food to sports and da best is, they've got a TV as well. Ekekekeke..... ;)

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