Friday, July 14, 2006

Oh Sushi @ Midvalley

Apparently, we were at Midvalley yesterday to catch Pirates of The Caribbean 2 and while I was kinda hooked on Japanese Food, hence before da show started, we decided to have dinner at Oh Sushi.

Darling ordered 3 plates of Sushi; Ika, Salmon Wrapper and Tamago. I absolutely loved da cold cooked rice texture that dressed with vinegar. It was very good and very much to my liking! Believe it or not, this 3 plates of Sushi cost us RM 12.

Knowing that I love Tempuras, darling then ordered Tempura Moriawase for me. Priced at RM 20, I find it a little bit pricey as compare to other Japanese Restaurants.

When I dine at Japanese Restaurants, Ramen or Soba would always be my first choice. Lol. This Kimuchi Ramen is priced at RM 14 and I must say that it came in a very generous portion. Not bad, not bad :)

When I was about to finish my Ramen, only then my other half ordered da Sukiyaki for himself as he afraid that I couldn't finish it earlier. Priced at RM 22, my other half commented that it was real good. Slurp.......

As I wasn't feeling well yesterday, there were no dessert for me :( Anyway, I shall be back for their Macha Dessert. It looks tempting though.... ;) I wonder when am I going to recover as I am still feeling unwell right now. Poor me.. Rashes, Flu, Soar Troat, Fever, Rashes, Flu, Cough and again I am now down with Fever! Sob sob sob..... I must get well soon!!!! I do not want to be sicked!!!! :(

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LayfuN said...

my dear.. are u okay r? din see u on msn.. i think u went back for a rest, right? take good care and get well soon.. muacks!!!